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  1. The Shelby Vegas Bash in Charlotte. That makes sense lol.
  2. I'm in Tomball and have a 2015 GT350. I go down to the Clear lake area a lot.
  3. My member number changed from number 24 to 5883. Brianna said the new system reassigns numbers that don't follow any particular order.
  4. Steeda used to make end links for that year model.
  5. I won't get mine. My car is under an address that is 2 moves back.
  6. I've never had a crime problem in 57 years in Houston. But I have never lived where there is city bus service.
  7. Denstang is right. People who are unfamiliar sometimes can't figure it out. Remember, the airlines have to show you how a seatbelt fastens.
  8. I like these guys: https://ontrackinsurance.com They have better coverage than lockton and you can call them and get the policy bound the same day.
  9. Get on their email list. They have a 30% off sale about every 2 weeks.
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