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  1. I'm considering buying this Black SGT and the car has spent its life in North Florida/Jacksonville Area. Current owner doesn't have a lot of info about it, but whoever owned it originally was a TS Southeastern member. Any leads are appreciated Frank
  2. Yesterday I downloaded everything in my photobucket account and left it empty. Not too worried about finding another hosting site right now. Eventually the market will shift and a new site will meet the demand
  3. Because I should not have to call, they have my money, where is my product?. I emailed Jeremy twice and did not get a response. I find that unacceptable, if I did that in my job I'd be looking for a new one. I've been a member of TS since day one, I pay my dues on time and expect TS to do their job and ship out the package. Is it really unreasonable to expect delivery of a paid product without having to chase people around and call?
  4. As others have said, emails do not get a response. I am not going to chase people around for something that I paid for.
  5. I installed the 2010 clutch and as others have said, it really changes the drivability of the car for the better. If you are just cruising this is a great set up, if you race, go aftermarket
  6. Correct, perhaps for future dates we can look at later in the year like May or June
  7. Since I already have Monday and Tuesday off, I think I might just go to the beach instead...and take my cookies with me
  8. Countdown has begun, gathering supplies and getting Jean motivated to bake....
  9. Oil changed and suspension inspected today.....getting ready
  10. The Dragon photographer "KillBoy" posted about construction on 129 South: https://www.facebook.com/killboydotcom/ Announcement for those planning to visit between April 17-29. We had heard rumors that this might happen, but now we have confirmation. Looks like the Dragon will be closed for 30 minute intervals then open for 30 Monday through Friday. Open normal on weekends. Spread the word. *UPDATE* I spoke to them by phone, and they said the road will be closed on both sides of the scenic overlook, very ...close to where work is being done. So most of the road will still be open, but turning around will be interesting for cars especially as things start to back up. *UPDATE2* We're also hearing now that they won't be shutting down the road EVERY 30 minutes, just for 30 minute stints when they have to work over the road. The sheriff's dept. will be around working traffic though.
  11. Vacation days Secured, hotel rooms booked. Frank and Bret are in!
  12. Got the new job, requested the time off.....close to committing....
  13. Put me down as a definite maybe.....Jean is out, not enough vacation to do this and Carlisle. Bret (Firebird) bought a 16 Mustang GT, he wants to go if I end up going. Possible changes on the job front keep me from committing.....
  14. I renewed in Nov and have yet to get my 2017 Membership package.....
  15. That price..... I didn't think people smoked crack anymore. I don't care for the mods but someone, somewhere will love it
  16. Search is your friend, many threads on clutches. I replaced mine with 17K on the clock
  17. I installed one with the KR suspension, it was not difficult at all. Was able to eyeball the adjustments and later had everything verified with a 4 wheel alignment. Tech told me it was perfect and no adjustment needed
  18. I've scoured the documents, no full VIN. The closest I can find says this: Vehicle: 01197/6573083
  19. Gentlemen, In 2006 I rented a GT-H, saved the paperwork and got it to the owner of the car through this forum. I was going through some files and found the paperwork from my rental of a 2007 GT-H vert in Las Vegas. I'd love to get this reunited with the current owner, there is only one hitch.... I didn't right down the Shelby serial number. I do have the license plate number and dates of rental. So, if you have a 07 GT-H vert that was rented out of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas AND you know what the license plate number of the car was while in service....post the plate number, if it matches, I'll send you the documentation Frank
  20. I'm going to spectate this year, I'll stop by the Shelby camp and say hi
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