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  1. I am member #71 and I started as S197 with Robert & Sharon. I am going to the Bash next year whatever the number may be.
  2. I joined Robert lane's group, known as S197, which was the code name for the new mustang. When hired by Shelby that trnsitioned to Team Shelby. I am member #71. The real Story could bee verified by Robert.
  3. Since Ford is building the Shelby GT350 and GT500, perhaps they will build a Terlingua!! Maybe
  4. Welcome Travis. I have been in Melbourne Australia, and driven one of those first 2 snakes you mention. As I have an2007 snake want me to tell if after the conversion it felt the same as mine. Well it almost did, other than the left hand shift. That was fairly easy to adjustment. You will enjoy. Bill
  5. Welcome Malc. What part of the UK are you located
  6. Jenni, Sent an email to jenni@cscf.org and it bounced back? What next? Thanks Bill
  7. Wanted to wish all our current Team Shelby friends and friends we will meet in 2014 a very Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas. Best wishes to all our Friend at Shelby Autos and Shelby Performance Parts. Now go have some _ _ _ _ Fun!!! The Waldron's
  8. I think from my perspective; it is a matter of knowing if I buy a used Shelby is it an original or a clone? The Shelby under hood badge can be cloned like anything else produced.. Without the registry, one cannot be sure if they are actually buying a real Shelby. So in the end, unless you buy from Shelby directly, or personally know the vehicle history, it is a crap shoot on what you are getting. Buyer beware!!
  9. Already booked Charlotte and Paid. Bummer, this came too late.
  10. http://editorial.autos.msn.com/ford-mustang-20-iconic-pony-cars?icid=autos_4457
  11. Shelby101


    Me , wife and daughter are going. If anyone else from Chicago area going let me know and maybe we can drive over together.
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