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  1. 2500 miles and avg is 20.4........sweet!!!!
  2. I have one that will fit 07-09.....I have a 2010 now.... If someone wants it I will sell for 150 and ship for free.... Let me know .....tks Fred
  3. Two weeks old 1,045 miles and avg is 19.4. Reset the trip at 28.5 miles.
  4. YEP....THESE CARS ARE GREAT ! My wife wants mine for a daily driver.... I may let her
  5. Hang in there it is worth the wait..... Was going to get the dealer to resale my but he did not want to.... So after driving for 32.5 miles.....I know she is a keeper.....
  6. Well picked her up about 2 hours ago and what a sweet ride. I had an 07 and this car is so much better....ride, road noise, clutch and the sound system is better also. This baby rocks..... :happy feet: Will post some pix later......
  7. Well the dealership called and said she was on the train and should be here before the 17th.... So guess I will be the last one if your feeling are right...what will I win...lol
  8. What do you guys know that I don't........
  9. banghead: COME ON FORD !!!!!
  10. OK ! Spill the beans.....what gave you this feeling
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