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  1. danged monkeys are everywhere

  2. October 2006 build. Just over 1,000 miles on it. I do experience the grind going into 2nd the first couple of times. Really don't know what to think after everything I've read. HSURB®
  3. Most likely only 130 to 140 kts. The F-16's probably deployed drag chutes to keep their speed down. HSURB®
  4. Wow, that's quite an angry response. HSURB®
  5. You need to do it up right on your birthday. HSURB®
  6. Didn't see any photos. Send me the link. HSURB®
  7. If I were a guessing person, I would guess that AB Rubs would be referring to world famous Arthur Bryant B-B-Que Rubs for food. But what do I know. I would just like to rub this for a while. HSURB®
  8. This is absolutely normal from what I've experienced with this car. By recommendation, I purchased a CTEK 7000 Battery Charger. It is quite a bit more expensive than a standard changer, but I've had zero trouble since then. Then system has a "battery recondition" feature on it that works like the bomb. I've fixed batteries of five cars since I've had it. HSURB®
  9. Here it is larger for your enjoyment. The Mrs. HSURB®
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