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  1. Yep the cars are on the truck on their way to Colombia. I hear that Shelby and Mustang parts are a good market there. Of course, I will get my cut! :P Michael, when do you arrive at the airport. My son and I are going to check in Thursday at the Wynn and need to get over to SAI. Anyone have a car going to SAI? -Tim-
  2. Cool! You'll like the new hood scoop. Mine is very nice and you will LOVEW the 4.10s. Remeber this? 1st gear is for pulling tree stumps out of yards !!
  3. Yes, good plan. I had mine scoop done at Tasca last week and it looks great. I haven't had time to take pictures but it looks like it should and Tasca did a good job. -Tim-
  4. I have my boost gauage in my S/C truck on the pillar. It works well there. I felt that having it on the steering wheel makes you drop your eyes off the road more than the pillar.
  5. I, for one, always enjoy your posts, LuLu. It is obvious that they are well thought out AND well substantiated with practical expereince and research. Frankly, I made a decision about heads vs S/C on a post you made in the past. Your thoughts make sense! Hopefully big brother is not censoring you :blink: carry on, gentlemen.....lol
  6. I really don't get all the Bullitt hype. The movie car thing just doesn't do it for me. Yes, Steve McQueen was a cool guy. Yes, the green Mustang was cool in movie but so was the Charger. That's about it. I can't think of anything else! <_< lol
  7. Yes, you read my mind. Once I get back from Vegas, I plan to the calipers. I believe it was JEGS or SUMMITT that had a kit of special paint for the calipers. The paint looked like it dried with a power coat type finish. not bad. www.silverhorseracing.com make sure you order them painted. It is worth the extra. My painter had a heart attack masking them correctly. IT tooks hours and hours. If you are near New Bedford , MA I can reconmmend a shop to install them. Let me know.
  8. The rotors are the same size as stock. Check this post further back and I posted web sites for each of the parts in the swap
  9. The car is back. Here are pics of the Bear brake rotors. Install with the brakes lines,m bleeding ets. was $170.00 locally. There is still a lot of sand around here so I won't really get to try the limits of the brakes until we get to Vegas for the track time. I LOVE the way they look on the car and the brake pedal "seems" a little stiffer, but time will tell when I get a chance to really try them out by passing Roger and Adam....ohoh, did I say that or just think it? hehehe
  10. I'll have pictures of the new rotors on Saturday. My car is at TASCA for the new hood scoop.
  11. fake 5 spoke halibrand look alikes. probably a replica :angry:
  12. 7 new posts this morning. Any chance wicked has the day off today???
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