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  1. Mecum description list "boiler" exhaust system.
  2. Yes, this is America and I'm entitled to my opinion.
  3. I gotta say it just pisses me off that the winner isn't even driving the car but turning it into cash. He has a FREE historical Carroll Shelby automobile and decides he doesn't need it ? The govt. will end up with a huge chunk of the money in taxes and he'll kick himself for letting a piece of history slip through his hands. Punk. Hopefully the buyer won't put the car away in a private collection never to be seen again. At least the raffle was for a good cause.
  4. I contacted the seller on Ebay and he said that there are no additional items that go with the car. Everything listed in the auction is it. They do not have the original tires, wheels etc. Good price, but a diluted KR in my opinion. The security pad "in" the side window louver in a horrendous.
  5. Yes I like Steve Magnanate also except he reported the KR as having an aluminum block like the Ford GT. I shutter when I hear bad "facts" reported because it makes me question if everything else I hear about cars I'm unfamiliar with is tainted by similar mistakes. Oh well, I enjoy the show and (TiVo) fast forward through the commercials and the endless string of Camaros and Corvettes. Barrett- Jackson is a tradition in my world regardless.
  6. Wow black stripes on red car. I had not thought of that, but it would stunning!
  7. The red KR has silver stripes. Maybe SAI will get you silver stripes if installed at SAI mod shop? I think the silver would be killer. My Shelby GT was black and silver and would get lots of attention. The combo was enough to be in your face but classy enough to still look good. Let us know how you make out. I'm shopping for a KR now my Shelby GT is sold and silver/black would #1 followed by Guardmans blue stipe on silver car.
  8. No KR yet. I just sold my Shelby GT and I'm shopping for a KR. The silver cars for sale are more plentiful, but I would prefer a different stripe color hence the question. Then again silver and black is a great combo. I'll just have to see which one I can make the best deal on for color , location etc.
  9. Anyone change stripe color? can it be documented with registry if done at a SAI mod center? pictures, please silver on black dark blue on silver?
  10. They did a good job in cleaning up the weird angle back of the restyled Mustang. The motor compartment looks awesome! Nice aggressive motor and S/C WOW ! The interior and front end are more of a fancy '68-69 type but ah,, what the hell, it is another nice Shelby. Welcome GT350. I'll still enjoy my SGT and look forward to the continuing of the Shelby legacy. More cars....just don't build too many ! lol.
  11. It iwll be worth the wait. I have had the 4.10s since summer of '08 and they are a blast!
  12. Well said. My plan has always been to drive the car and let my two boys restore it. They often kid there will be fight to the death on who gets the car. Hopefully, they will find a better way to share the car. lol It is really hard to keep my totally stock since I like to drive and improve what I can and what I can afford to improve. My plan has always been a Paxton b/c I just can't seem to get over the losing the strut tower brace issue and the history with Shelbys and Paxton. Will I add a new ShelbyS/C sticker? Hell yes. Of course my sticker will reference the 427 S/C or street/competition. So S/C can stand for many things.
  13. Does anyone know the exact paint code for the '07 hood scoop. I have some chips around the "rivets" and would like to touch up. Also, when painting the stripes on your car has anyone added metal flake to the paint so they look more like the original stripes?
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