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  1. Hope this wasn't any of you guys.
  2. The car still has the Tune. I still have the stock parts. I don't see how it would be useless you can still load other tunes on it.
  3. Thanks. Got a question for you guys, Dealer just called me and wanted a list of mods on my car and asked if I had the tuner. I do have it but it wasn't part of my deal. So what should I do??? I see used tuners are selling on Ebay. I do still love the car but I didn't get the best deal in the world either. The dealer will probably make 5K on the car but I hate to see the new owner not enjoy it like I have. Here's a tuner thats on ebay right now for $175 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SCT-X3-Power-Flash-SF3-Ford-Tuner-2010-Shelby-GT500-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem1e60ba17acQQitemZ130471827372QQptZRaceQ5fCarQ5fParts
  4. All Raptors now come with the 6.2L. The 4.6 and 5.4 have been discontinued. Thats the reason why Ford is just now shipping 2011s as the entire engine line up changed. Base is the 3.7 or 5.0 from the stang then the 6.2. Ecoboost V6 will be available shortly and might be in the Raptor next year since they are testing in the Raptor XT now. http://autos.viere.net.my/tag/ford-f-150
  5. Right now I'm getting about 13.5 MPG with mixed driving using 87octance and only having just over 400hp. You need 91Octane to get the full 411HP. The sticker showed 11-14mpg. My other truck a 99 F250 Powerstroke with lift gets roughly 15-16 so a little less in the MPG but diesel is 20 cents more per Gallon so it was a push. Towing capacity is 8000lbs so it will work fine for hauling my 16ft trailer loaded with ATVs. I am still amazed how well sync is and that I can check the radar with out having to do anything other than say or hit a button. Bluetooth streaming from my iPhone works alot better than the AUX connection in the Shelby. I think I can go faster on the roads by my house in the truck with the extra suspension and all the jumps I can now hit.
  6. Well I had to let the Shelby go on Friday. My F-250 is becoming less than reliable and I do tow some ATVs around and needed a new tow vehicle. So I picked up a 2011 Raptor SuperCrew in Tuxedo Black. The car will be missed but the truck is more practicle for what I need as the car was only driven in good weather and would really only fit part of the family. Besides the truck has way more options than my Shelby as its loaded with everything except the decals. Here's the pics.
  7. Care to elaborate. Which one and Price? I got about 20K miles mostly highway but I'll have to do it eventually also.
  8. Unless your a Green person it doesn't make sense to me. Pay more for gas that gets you worse mileage. I doubt you get that much power gain. Unless you live in Corn Country I think the price is to high. Here's a test by edmunds. http://www.edmunds.com/advice/alternativefuels/articles/120863/article.html
  9. I had recently gotten the test drive bug after buying my wife a 2010 SRX. So I've driven almost all of the super sedans (M5, E63 AMG, CTS V , Lexus IS-F and even an Audi S5 and A4). The trade in values I've been offered have been between 30-32K and mines an 07 with simular mileage as yours. All of the used ones in my area Washington DC Metro are advertised for 35-40K depending on year and mileage. Mods don't seem to matter unless you sell it on here to an enthusiast. I see the price of the 2011 is around 55K for the permance pack so to me I'm happy with my 560RWHP 07 for the extra coin. Although the E63 would be my choice of all the others I've driven.
  10. Yesterday I finally got around to washing the car and I noticed something a little odd. I just had the car in for service last Friday and the Dealership rotated the tires. No wonder I had no traction the way home. I guess I have to drive back 45mins to the dealer to get this fixed or take it to the local one and probably have to pay to have it corrected. Since I don't have a spare tire or two jacks and my jackstands are the 2 ton ones there's no way I can do it at the house. I'm just waiting to call the dealer to inform them of their dumbazz move. Anyone have any other bonehead stuff done at the dealer?
  11. Has your car been SS'd? Since the stripes aren't factory GT500 stripes I'd contact to people who installed them or the company that makes them.
  12. Mine had a slight squeel for the past couple drives then yesterday the bearing sounded like it was about ready to go. Took it off and it wobbles. I called Metco today and they are sending me the double for the price of the single since they are all out of them right now. Great customer service. Part is already on its way. Total cost around $75. Just a little info my idler was installed in Dec of 07 and has about 18K miles on it it was under a lot of tension so I can see why they went with the double bearing and new dust cover.
  13. Priuses aren't supposed to have gas pedal issues its the brakes that are the issue. So most likely his car wouldn't stop. I wouldn't drive a Toyota until it was fixed. But then again I should have stopped at I wouldn't drive a Toyota.
  14. Any one else see people try to low ball you when trying to sell your car. I posted mine on Craigslist and one guy offered 29K and stated his so called friend sold his for that much. I've never seen on sell for less than 32K they even bring 30K or more at wholesale auctions. The lowest listed anywhere near me is at Carmax for 36K and thats their no haggle price. I understand some people have come on hard times and been forced to sell but the resale still seems pretty good. Whats your guys take on it . I have my car listed for 37K and might let it go for a little less. I dont need to sale but the wife doesn't want me to get a new ATV and a new Ducati with Shelby in the Garage. She says I have to many toys already.
  15. +1. This is the first 10 that I've actually said I'd trade for it in a second. It even makes the rear look good.
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