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  1. 275's on the front of my 40th are ok on the street but they rub when on the track 😐
  2. I find great humor in your post. I order over 100K a year through the internet and emails. I ordered my 40th conversion via email. I have had two problems over the years with this method. One was Banga Stang for the radiator cover and the other is this issue. The Banga Stang issue was resolved quicker than this one. As SAI-Steven indicates above, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. I have yet to find a hearing aid that allows me to understand most phone conversations and if I ever find one that does, I would still prefer to email and have a record of the conversation.
  3. Thanks for the advice to call. It's been over six months. I'm thinking to place to call would be the credit card company.
  4. Nice try. Multiple emails with no response. If the provided email contact link is not used it should be removed.
  5. http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?1103461-frpp-strut-tower-brace
  6. Thanks, I'm booked. You are right, they say they are getting a lot of calls from Shelby folks and rooms are scarce.
  7. "The room block will be available for booking by this weekend and the booking code will be provided when you register for the Bash" I registered for the bash and would like to reserve the hotel. Where do I find the hotel booking code?
  8. HPDE insurance was available at last spring mountain event, Anyone know if there are plans to make it available for this bash?
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