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  1. I saw that car. I wish I was ready ready to buy. Gotta wait till next year. I think it's a killer deal.
  2. I dont know about Grabber Orange, but I think the Competition Orange on the Boss 302 would look sweet. Especially an SVTPP car.
  3. In my opinion most of the blowers for the S197 cars are alot steep.
  4. That something I'd be intrested in also. With maybe a 125hp shot of N2O.
  5. I used to race all the time a couple of years ago. I'd like to be able to get at least a 2.0 60ft. I prefer slicks though. It is major addicting/fun though :-)
  6. I went back to the track yesterday. What a difference 1400 miles make. It was really busy and I couldnt stay all day, but I got 2 runs in. The 1st run was a 13.78@103.85 with a 2.20 60ft. I still need to perfect my driving. Next time I hope to run slicks. My 2nd run was a 13.94@103.06 with a dismal 2.33 60ft.The car is still all stock. I hope to go one last time on the 28th with my C&L cai and Brenspeed SCT tune.
  7. You dont forget. A few passes and it will be like old times.
  8. Nope got rained out. I hope to go in a couple of weeks.
  9. Congats dude! You wait is finally over. I hope you have many many miles of enjoyment from it,
  10. I was just running right off the street. 32psi cold. This weekend I'll drop the rears and raise the fronts like I used to do. 45/29-30psi f/r.
  11. I'm gonna try and go back this weekend.
  12. Track number. I gotta practice my launches. I went 14.11@100 w/ a 2.22 60ft, and 14.04@101 w/ a 2.24 60ft. Once I get used to it I know there are a bunch of mid 13's in it.
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