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  1. Smells like squirrel in here?????

  2. One of those shots is a picture of the elusive Carnut. I am turned around so you don't get a picture of my face. They were taken by Mad Max of the StangMafia with a little help by me, Carnut. They were taken at Sanderson Ford, Glendale, Arizona by special invitation. Thanks Max for your exceptional photography skills
  3. I need someone to bail out my business and my house. I'm waiting, palm out.
  4. I'll remember that when I have my Kool Aid in the morning.
  5. I'm not ashamed to say, I won't be a uniter. The anti-Christ is here.
  6. You are better off calling the number above. I doubt that the Vin Search will be fixed anytime soon
  7. I'm sure Ford will made aware of these problems. Maybe future Shelby's will be in name only.
  8. I understand that problems are beginning to surface on delivered KR's. I can think of a couple already posted on this board.
  9. If your really serious about one, PM me.
  10. Did you tighten the bolt that holds the shift lever to transmission. Torque wrench? In the cramped space what might feel tight may not be.
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