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  1. This is very challenging times during the global pandemic in WA state as you very well know. I have been busy working with our City to set up new processes and protections. Be safe all and stay healthy. Rob
  2. Thanks everyone. The reason it takes so long is a lot of people file to submit an absentee ballot. People out of town or Military personnel. In General elections this always happens. It is certified 21 days after the main vote.
  3. In a General election the Ballot is certified 21 days after the Election. The percentage margins usually fluctuate up and down 1-3%. Since I am ahead by over 9% I am confident that I won !
  4. Congrats Rob. You oughtta be real good at that! I say congrats because you’re enjoying retirement, but as Bill stated, this council position may make you think twice about it. Back when I had my bikestore in my small town, my wife and a lot of my customers wanted me to run (some begged me) for council...even some said I should think of being mayor! 😲 Well, after going to MANY of the council meetings just as a business owner in town, I quickly saw the politics and the nastiness that can rear its head in such a small community, and decided to never again speak of it. I hope your town is not like ours is. All the best buddy! Bill, I retired in 2009 after selling my bicycle store, and as you, have done lots of volunteering. Mainly with special needs individuals. I love the feeling it gives me and really enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the benefit of the families I am able to help. I kinda stepped away for a while, as my new home was being built here in Az. (As we were traveling back and forth from the east coast while it was under construction) and I couldn’t realistically promise my hours to anyone. So now that I am all settled in here in Az. we are once again discussing what the next chapter will hold for me. Curiously my wife still works at her job in NJ. and travels back and forth once every couple of weeks, though her company allows her to call Az. home base. I can’t make her quit, nor will I. May I ask what sort of volunteering you and your wife do, Bill? Chris They are still counting ballots. This is last nights count:
  5. The % margins have not changed much since election night of November 5th. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done, hands down. I attended 3 candidate forums (1 was on TV). Networked at countless events over the last 5 months to meet citizens. Door knocked 2630 homes to talk to citizens in the last 3 weeks of the campaign. Engaged thousands of people on Social media sites. Ran 1/4 page ads in the local Magazine for the last 3 months. Sent a mailer to every registered voter and had it arrive the same day as the ballots arrived. Placed 100 yard signs. Installed five 4X8 big signs. Installed eight 4X4 Medium signs. Studied the City's Municipal code library for months. Studied the Comprehensive growth plan for months. Wrote speech's and practiced them. Designed my fliers and mailers. It seemed to never end. Now it feels surreal to have been elected. It was not easy to unseat a 12 year incumbent. I had to work for every vote for 5 months ! City of Ridgefield Council - Position No. 5 Election Day Voting Total: Rob Aichele 808 votes = 56.07% Darren Wertz 633 votes = 43.93% Cast Votes: 1441 as of 5pm on 11/7/19
  6. Chris, I have been attending City Council meetings for 4 years now. Also seated on the Planning Commission. I know what I am getting into. Our City has 9,200 people in it and growing. Looking forward to the position. BTW my little dog Harley is 14 now and showing his age. I'm enjoying him very much in his senior years.
  7. Bill, Retirement has been so fun and continues to be. I volunteer on many community events in our City and with the Lions club to keep active and engaged with my neighbors and friends. Life after retirement is more fun than I thought it would be.
  8. Soon this thread will be 10 years old. My retirement has been very fulfilling since I pulled it in June of 2016. I have been very active in my home town of Ridgefield WA and am seated on the Planning Commission. Since May of this year I have been very active on my campaign run for City Council Position #5. Unseating an incumbent of 12 years is a uphill battle, but I am taking on the challenge. Nov. 5th, 2019 is the mid term election.
  9. Rufs service is this Friday 2/22/19: Bryan Alan Oesterreich September 21, 1950 - January 31, 2019 https://www.paulfuneralhome.com/obituary/bryan-oesterreich Mr. Bryan Alan Oesterreich, age 68, a resident of Washington, died Thursday, January 31, 2019 at Vidant Beaufort Hospital in Washington. A Celebration of his Life will be held 7:00 PM Friday, February 22, 2019 at Paul Funeral Home & Crematory in Washington. Paul Funeral Home & Crematory in Washington is honored to serve the Oesterreich family.
  10. Well dam. I hate to hear that. I wonder if he believed in God ?
  11. Did he have anyone by his side ? I hope so.
  12. I am glad to hear that. I have not been in contact with Ruf for over 5 years and was not his FB friend, so only a few pics and comments show up. I hope he did not die alone.
  13. This was Ruf on 12/27/18. Last known photo of him. It was on his FB page.
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