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  1. Hey Scott! I don't get on here anymore either but I get notifications of posts via email and saw yours. I am still around but had to reprioritize things in life to make more time for family and career. I have moved my family across country six years ago to Portland OR and then again to Seattle WA where we plan to stay. I pulled out of all the car club activities like the MCA board of directors and Team Shelby and started a consulting business. It really got to be too much time spent on club stuff and all the politics that goes on in volunteer orgs that I needed to get away from for a while. Car wise i still have my black 07 GT500 vert with 32k miles and occasionally i look for another Mustang. My family has diversified a bit as we now have a 2011 Camaro 2SRSS black vert and a 2015 black z51 Corvette. My son is starting college and wants a Challenger so i guess we are totally dysfunctional brand wise. My Shelby is still my love and i still say i am a Mustang guy at heart though. Occasionally I pull up the old pics of events and pine for the days of the S197 Owners Association (pre Team Shelby) and the original Shelby Bashes. The run from the Peterson Museum to Vegas at that first bath was very fun! I wonder what happened to the aerial helicopter video footage that I thought was happening? I would love to see it! Also many great friendships made during those years!
  2. Not likely. Unfortunately your best bet is to replace the stripe or live with ithe Pulling aged stripes opens up a whole new can of worms regarding matching your other stripes. Luckily though what might actually be more forgiving than other colors. I would try color matching samples to see how close you can get.
  3. Not likely. Unfortunately your best bet is to replace the stripe or live with ithe Pulling aged stripes opens up a whole new can of worms regarding matching your other stripes. Luckily though what might actually be more forgiving than other colors. I would try color matching samples to see how close you can get.
  4. Cell phone is still good. Just gots lots going on in my life right now. Hope to be set up soon. Miss you guys!
  5. Hey guys! I am still around. I just moved from Portland to Bellevue Wa and am sorting though my house situation so I can set up my equipment. Happy to help people but frankly I have been totally absorbed with a new job this past year, working remote, selling two houses and moving. I am settling in to the new home and have space available to set up my equipment but it will still take me 30 days or so to get up and running. Would love to connect with local people in the Seattle area so ping me if you want to get together. Also if you want to contact me IM me through Team Shelby. My stuckonyougraphics email is down as well as the website for the time being but I have updated my email in my profile here so I will get notifications if you want to reach out. I can then txt you my phone so we can get in touch that way. Thanks! John (AKA Mrfarmdog)
  6. First let me say Jer you will be sorely missed. You have been a friend to many and have provided exceptional customer service. That in itself is a point that Shelby American should take note of as many people see you has an advocate for the enthusiast and willing to go the extra mile to help anyone. By letting you go Jer there will be an even wider gap to fill. Now that said, I don't want to jump to conclusions on what is going on. There is new management in place and I would like to believe a critical focus is being placed on what needed to really transform the business to be more in line with what Carroll wanted. It is unfortunate that some decisions have to be made but it is business. I for one will hold any conjecture until we hear more from the leadership on why decisions were made and what direction they are taking the business.
  7. Hertz II - I rented 06H107 in San Diego in 2006 and would be interested in current status / owner of the car. Do you know anything about it?
  8. Gary / Jeff Someone that knows what they are doing can lay stripes straight on compound curved surfaces like hoods or roofs. They just have to take the time to do it right. We are very picky about our cars and it is hard to find a shop that has that same level of care. Wet installs are best for this as you can lay the vinyl down and set one end in place and then gradually work your way front to back making sure the vinyl is aligned correctly. Not hard to do but it can be time consuming.
  9. ITHERTZ66 Perhaps I came across wrong in my earlier post so forgive me. Your information is accurate for the Gold Metallic. I was speaking in generalities as I have worked with a variety of the 951 series vinyl as well as the 651 series and 970RA. My intent was to provide some additional insight and also make people aware of potential options if they chose to go down the vinyl path. The 951 "series" (and I stress series because it covers a whole range of products including matte, basic color and metallic) in general is commonly referred to as a nine year vinyl (just like the 651 series is commonly referred to as a 6 year vinyl). The actual life expectancy of the 951 vinyl varies from 3-12 years depending on the product. For the Metallic Gold we are talking about, if it is applied correctly and cared for then the look of the vinyl should last longer than the life expectancy because they take into account that the material will be applied outside on a vertical surface that is exposed to the elements and UV rays. If you striped your car and kept it under a car cover in a garage then you could expect to have a decent looking car for a long time, certainly longer than six years. Obviously wear and look will vary with the amount of exposure to the elements the car has had so an owner should take that into account when making a decision on what route they want to take. Everyone has a choice of the direction they want to go with their car and some prefer paint and some prefer to keep it more stock looking and go with vinyl. I agree paint will provide a better result overall assuming it is done correctly but there is also the issue of cost, which I assume is why these cars came with vinyl stripes originally. With all that said I really would like to focus on my original question which is how the stripes terminated on the body panels so I can discuss with my friend and let him decide the direction he wants to go. Hood - Do the stripes pass under the plastic deep draw riveted hood vent (for lack of a better term)? Also do they wrap completely around and under the front and back of the hood, so in other words if the hood is open and you look at the back of the hood from the underside next to the windshield how much of the stripe can you see that is folded under the hood? What about under the front of the hood? Top - Do the stripes fold down into the windshield channel on the front and back of the top or do they terminate on the top itself? Rear Deck / Trunk - I assume the stripes fold into the trunk entry and also wrap around the rear deck both on the front and back. How much of the stripe is showing on the underside of the trunk? Rear Bumper - I would really like to see a picture of the rear bumper with the trunk open to see how the stripes terminate where the deck lid closes. It could wrap around the bumper but I expect it does not. On the bottom of the rear bumper I know it is cut around the license plate opening but I would like to see pics of how the stripes terminated under the license plate opening. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also pictures would be preferred. Oh... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  10. ITHERTZ66 I read through your blog and can provide more info on the Oracal product. The 951 series vinyl replaced the 851 series and uses the same vinyl substrate (vinyl color) that the 851 does. The only difference is the 951 series has extra UV protection (clear over the vinyl substrate) so that the vinyl will last longer. According to Oracal a 951 series is a 9 year vinyl and as you pointed out it is not warranted for horizontal surfaces like car stripes. However, for people that take care of their cars and keep them in a garage and clean the material can last for years. I would like to point out that Oracal offers another option other than the 951 series vinyl and that is the 970 series wrap material. It is a true wrap cast vinyl that is over double the thickness as the 951 series and is specifically made for wrap applications like cars. I use this material extensively for matte black stripes and it is awesome. It applies easier than the 951 series and can be removed easier as well. Here is information on both products: http://www.orafol.com/gp/europe/en/products/colour-films-product-details/items/oracal-951-metallic-premium-cast http://www.orafol.com/gp/europe/en/products/car-wrapping-materials-product-details/items/oracal-970-premium-wrapping-cast Also I realize the cutting and application of these stripes was much rougher than the later SGTs. My goal with this project is to give a quality install with correct dimensions but still keep true to the originality as much as possible. Anyone that has pics of their stripe overlap and termination points please let me know if you are willing to share. Thanks! John (AKA MrFarmdog)
  11. Jer Don't have your number to call. Give me a ring at five oh one 3393058 when you have time to chat. Happy New Year!
  12. I am working with a friend on replacing their over the top stripes on a 2006 coupe and part of their kit is not original. I am looking for someone that has original stripes to take detailed pictures of the stripes so I can replicate the install. I would need up close pics of the stripes for all locations including front bumper, under the front of the hood and rear of the hood, top of the vehicle, rear deck including with the trunk open to see how the stripes terminate under the deck lid, rear facia as well. I would also like it if they could show overlap of the stripes in all locations with measurements (holding a ruler up) to see the overlap. Measurements on spacing of all stripes and verification of width of stripes would be awesome too! Is there anyone that would be willing to work with me to document these? If so PM me your phone and email and I will call you to discuss. Thanks! John Farmer (AKA MrFarmdog)
  13. You guys are funny! I would vote for you both if I could but unfortunately I have to remain unbiased. LOL We need some more Shelbys to represent!
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