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  1. Anyone have a KR hood for sale ? If so please PM me .
  2. No confirmation from Shelby Wheel email contact but appears from all responses that these do not fit of course. Really too bad. Thanks for all those that replied !
  3. I have emailed the Shelby Wheel Corp but the recipient is on vacation until the 12th so awaiting a response.
  4. Anyone know if the CS67 shelby wheel in 20" fits and clears the brakes on the 08 GT500KR? I found talk way back that they do not clear calipers but they may have been 18" wheels at the time possibly? Love the reto look. Thanks-
  5. I have no fear that 3M adhesive tape when properly applied will last and hold without issue. It's used industry wide on may different applications. Mine is more a desire to mechanically attach for both long term aging / thermal cycling of the adhesive and to be able to quickly remove if desired without fear of injuring the paint when/if I peel it back off.Of course I don't want to drill any holes in the quarter panels either so I understand this is the way to go but was "hoping" I guess. In reality though I'll probably be gone by then and the kids will have to deal with it right ?? I still love the look so might be swayed anyway!
  6. Thanks Jim and I'm not concerned about them coming off . It's the long term effect of a 3m Adhesive foam as it ages. Of course I manage a Composite Materials Research Laboratory where we test just about everything and anything and how materials degrade over time/heat/light/moisture. The foam tape will eventually degrade to some extent and I'm thinking long term down the road. Guess I'll go without.
  7. 08 KR owner here and wondering about the upper/lower side scoops offered by Shelby for the supersnake. Takes me back to my 68 KR days and love those scoops...... Anyway does anyone know how these are mounted as all the aftermarket junk shows them being installed with 3M tape adhesive. I know that they make a great tape product but I cringe at what that will look like years down the road . hoping the Shelby products mount differently . Thanks for INFO ahead of time.
  8. Still have the KR wheels and tires  available? 

  9. krman


    I'm located just south of Dayton /north of Cincinnati myself.Welcome !
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