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  1. Awesome shot with the GT500. Every 99-04 NEEDS a chin spoiler! They look pretty goofy without one. Check out my post for 40th anniversary build info. in my other new topic. Send me an IM for more specific info for your VIN. My car only has three Bullitt wheels right now, right front went flat. Need to find a 245 Gatorback with 1/3-1/2 tread life. These tires dry out and become lots O fun with a lack of squeeling but plenty of tire spin induced yaw! My dad's 87 GT Conv. 225/60VR-15 Gatorbacks were the same way. Figure 8s around parking lots and no tire noise to attract the donut eaters in blue.
  2. The data speaks for itself. Send me a VIN for more (built/sold dates, etc.) 2004 Crimson Red 40th Anniversary Mustangs. The best color scheme ever to leave the factory (I love my Merlot Fusion/Taurus X...same color) Hey mods, sticky this???
  3. Who is driving that Ford Racing GT-H from the Shelby show at WHQ last week? Saw it/you at Hines/Haggerty driving into work (I revved my motorcycle engine). That car looks SWEET sitting in traffic.
  4. Thanks for posting, that was some great reading!
  5. Nav in a Mustang? That totally negates the reason for cruising in the first place, which is to try to get lost! :hyper:
  6. Sweet, I'm glad the stock 'GT' badge was left off the fender. It was on at the Detroit Auto Show.
  7. Nice car! I have a person with a GT coupe down the street from me. They got it just before I got my car. Its hard seeing it left outside in their driveway everyday. Just saw a V-6 coupe coming down the street the other day too. That TC button is the first thing I hit after starting the engine. Need to get a DiabloSport this year and program the TC to default to off. I got my build info from some inside sources. Not sure about how many black or white 40th package cars.
  8. Who has a 2004 Anniversary car? - yes, I know, they all had the 40th badges. I'm talking about the actual 40th package...Crimson Red, black, white with the stripes, Arizona Beige wheels, cloth top on convertibles... Mine is the only one usually at the shows and local cruises. Saw a V-6 conv. at the Telegraph Cruise in 2006. From what I have learned, Ford built 4,558 Crimson Red cars of each trim level. Mine is #4095. http://mlav.com/new/cars/mustang/
  9. I suspect it may be 1FAFP45X54F242598 but don't quote me.
  10. Team Mustang guys that view this board...I know you're out there... I have a Crimson Red 40th Anniversary GT Convertible just like the 300,000,000th Ford that rolled out of The Rouge 11/18/03. I would like to get the VIN for that car to compare to mine for my folder of stuff I have kept for my car (Ford World from Dec. 2003(?), "Where's my car?" data, AWS info, etc). My car was built on 10/30/03. Anyone out there that can help? I called WHQ earlier and the car is not displayed in the lobby...I saw some other milestone cars there in the past and thought it might be there. Other search methods I have access to have not been successful. Thanks in advance.
  11. Whats with the stripe jobs on these cars (SGT, GT500? Some of them are pretty bad. The design/development/manufacturing engineer that put the seam of the overlapping stripes on the GT500 spoiler right on the vertical plane on the back edge needs to get slapped! Right in plain view. Looks like crap. I was pushing air bubbles out of the stripes on the red GT500 at the show.
  12. The hood scoop is probably held on to the hood by two or four stud bolts. The rivets are only cosmetic. Grab the front of the scoop and it will bend up, pivoting in the middle, feels cheap.
  13. A few photos. Best car of the entire show - the white Shelby GT. http://mlav.com/car/07autoshow/
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