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  1. Do you believe a 2007-2009 could go 196mph with this much HP?
  2. Seriously...how many times to you have to have "GT350"? Keep it simple, like the original.
  3. Way too many 350 identifiers on the current model, so it would be great to remove 90% of them and simplify the look and classy it up a bit. Ford does a great job putting few identifiers made of more quality materials that gives their cars a richer feel. Maybe spend a couple bucks and get an airbag cover replacement for the passenger side with the GT350 logo embossed in it. Externally, only put the GT350 logo on the sides and trunk rear.
  4. I'm American, now living in Shanghai, China for the past 7 months. i have a lot to say on this subject, but will keep it short to these bullet points; 1. China is full of nothing more than mindless robots that can only think up to first base, at best. I deal with it every single day. The super rich Chinese you hear about are less than .0001 percent of the population. 2. It's your own fault for buying Chinese crap at WalMart. Seriously, pay the extra 10% or 20% and buy from USA or non-China made products. You can find them. 3. There is a bell curve here nobody talks about. China can not sustain this growth. There's just not enough natural resources here to do it. Half of the food is imported, as an example. 4. Social issues have already hit China, as you would expect, from having a little money in their pockets. High divorce rates, personal debt issues, low moral character, etc. 5. The one child policy has caused a serious problem. One child to support a wife, her parents and his parents. Figure that one out... 6. Even here they don't buy China branded products. They rather spend their hard earned money on higher quality items from Japan, Korea or US. Only US and Europe buy their cheap products. 7. China has an Import tax of 3% and a VAT of 17%. That's a 20% on incoming products. Yet, the USA has no protections, except car tires, when it comes to inbound China products. There's your trade deficit. If we would charge 20% or more, I think you'd see more jobs coming back to the States. 8. If you recall, in the 90's, South East Asia was the place to make cheap stuff (aka Nike shoes in Indonesia). Now it's China. Yet the new talk is Vietnam, and Eastern Europe as the new frontier. Chinese pay is getting too high for some products and those jobs are going elsewhere. So rejoice in that.....
  5. Holy Cow! So, what kind of $ are we talking on a project like this?
  6. Does it hook up any better? If so, please give example on the experience.
  7. Have the two get into a head on collision. Which one do you think the Edmunds guys would prefer?
  8. Anyone have an update on any changes to the GT350 from the first rev we've all seen? I thought they were going to remove all that GT350 badging, change the bumpers, etc....
  9. Same here. The GT350 looked to me like a hotwheels toy car. I wanted a GT350 Muscle Car that I can take to the track. Putting SHELBY across the back bumper was a joke. GT350 logo built into the hood stripes....are you kidding me??? Having multiple logos on every turn of the head is way too much. I too believe the 07-09 GT500 had it right. Not overly stated. Doesn't look like a Japanese style tuned car. Those body kits on the GT350 looked to me like they came out of someones body kit catalog. Something a 20 year old would put on his Mustang with a rivet gun. Please, Please, Please clean up the car, make it look like high-end (hello $26,995) and do the name justice.
  10. Exactly. IMHO the new GT350 looks like a matchbox car. I've looked at it over the past couple days thinking about it......just came to me. Amy - Matchbox - GT350 look. No dis on Amy, but I think that's the look she might be used to. It seems the GT350 DNA is strip down Mustang with performance that's worthy on the track. Would have been great for this car to be ready for the road and various road racing circuits many drive in. This new GT350 is too flashy for everyday use....too overstated.
  11. IMHO....it's the GT500 (07-09). I just think the new GT350 is way overstated. It would have been great if it matched it's looks in comparison with the GT500 (like the old days), yet had the performance specs it currently has. The GT350 markings on the hood, the rear end, the rims, etc...are too aftermarket for my taste.
  12. So did I... I thought maybe high 20's for first one I saw with 13,000 miles. The second with only 388 miles sold real close to sticker 3 years later - and at a wholesale auction no less.
  13. A 2007 Red/White stripes with 388 miles just sold at Manheim - Riverside for $39,500
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