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  1. Anyone in the Tampa/Bradenton FL area get their airbags done? I'm tired of receiving the post cards but don't really trust any of the dealers down here.
  2. Just wondering if anyone is running a GT500 in the greater Phoenix area? Thinking of relocating from the Midwest..
  3. so I checked the Ford Recall site and this is what it shows as status for the "passenger" side. This means part is still not available right? Remedy Program: OWNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY MAIL AND INSTRUCTED TO TAKE THEIR VEHICLE TO A FORD OR LINCOLN DEALER TO HAVE THEIR PASSENGER FRONTAL AIRBAG INFLATOR REPLACED. THERE WILL BE NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE. Status: 12 - RECALL INCOMPLETE. REMEDY NOT YET AVAILABLE.
  4. I've received several of those types of letters in the past only to find out that it was just for the "driver" side. I just got another notice in the mail 3 days and it doesn't indicate anything about which side it is for? Does your letter "clearly" state that the passenger will be available or in other words both sides will be available for repair?
  5. Thanks twobj and I had the same thoughts SAI regarding all the letters and postcards I've been receiving which is why I poked in here to ask about it. Thanks guys!
  6. Haven't been to the forum in quite awhile. Did some searching on the forum and couldn't find my answer. I just called one of the few local dealers that I trust and inquired about the Takata airbags. The service manager took my VIN and said that FORD still does not show any replacement parts for the "passenger" side airbag. Is this factT? Has anyone out there had BOTH "driver" AND "passenger" airbags replaced?
  7. oh man, TY Sir... guess I'm waiting until at least the Fall. Thank God I don't drive it that often
  8. are the passenger side bags available yet? I want to get both done at the same time and not mess around..
  9. Yep Robert. Those are the caps I was talking about. SPP is also selling those Red with white stripes caps that I linked above for 589.00 / I like those as well but not for that price!
  10. Right! Didn't they go for about $350/set? Ebay auctions are going for $400 and up like you said. Not a good deal... And I like the new ones but not for $589!!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/191704226402?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. I see that the Shelby store no longer carries the original billet GT500 engine cap sets but I see there are some sets for auction on ebay. Anyone know what these sets went for originally when sold and stocked by Shelby Store? I don't mind bidding on a set but I don't want to overpay for an item that cost more now than did originally
  12. So I've been away for awhile and didn't even realize our cars had an airbag recall. So I'm hoping that my local dealer can order both airbags and then let me come in same day to have the service done as I refuse to leave my car in the dealership overnight? Secondary, I'm wondering if this might be a good time to try and snag an "auto-penned" Carroll Shelby dash part for the passenger? Anyone else taken advantage of this recall to do the same and are they still available?
  13. You and me both!!! I love the rasp. Sounds mean and more exotic IMHO. I'm running the same SW offroad-X with the SW straight through (S-turbo) mufflers. Our cars probably sound very similar. Post a clip if you get a chance!
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