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  1. Nice work! Heh, *most* GT500's will never see 0-100MPH in less than 10s because the drivers aren't capable of it. I've raced bone stock GT500's at the track (they had DR's) and they were 8.2x-8.3x in the 1/8th on their best runs. Now, the modified ones are a whole other story. I just wave as they go by.
  2. Ruff, I know it's not my bidness but that seems pretty lean at boost. Mine's about 11.5:1.
  3. Amen to the goal thing - without that it'll never end! Just keep spending more and more $$$ chasing the next guy who's faster than you. That being said, I just made what I HOPE is my last major purchase(s) for my car - new McLeod twin disc clutch, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, Dynatech 3.5" aluminum driveshaft, Meziere water pump, and I figured what the hell so I ordered an 8 rib pulley/belt kit - my engine bay is full of belt dust! My car will be down most of December while I figure out how to put all that on. 8-] Good luck & Happy Racin'!
  4. No, mine puts out 10psi but with a smaller pulley so the newer ones basically get the same boost with 20% less effort. Bastards. lol 8-] I'm getting a new 8 rib pulley kit and the blower pulley will actually drop slightly in size so I'll have about 11psi then. The 6 rib belt just slips too much on the Whipple (and the Saleen and KB!). Have you considered an intercooler or some meth injection on the Vortech. I used the Snow meth kit on my Procharged F150 and it helped alot! Especially in the summer. Does take some tuning though. Meth injection works good with centrifugal blowers.
  5. Woot! Love me some turbo. There wasn't a viable kit that allowed me to keep my cats when I did mine or I would have gone turbo, too! http://www.cragar.com/(S(s3prllyuyklq3nfo2...oto.aspx?pid=59 <-- this you? Great times.
  6. Good times Five Oh - I see guys cutting 1.5x & 1.6x 60's and it drives me crazy! lol I'll get there eventually. I have the "old style" rotors in my Whipple. The guys with the Gen II rotors are making 10#'s of boost basically with an 8# pulley - that's how efficient the new design is. I'm ordering an 8rib pulley kit as well as a new clutch, flywheel, and alumininum driveshaft this week! My car will be down most of December while I figure out how to put all that on the car Good luck at the track!
  7. Long time since I've been here! I went to Redline Raceway (1/8th mi) outside of Dallas last week - 1.84 60' 7.74 1/8th 93.30 mph This is on M&H 275/45-18 DR's launching at 2500rpm. Will get the 60' down to 1.6x I hope so I can run 7.6x. See the timeslip. I'm in the right lane - tower had the numbers mixed up. Me mods are in my sig.
  8. Justin is greatness when it comes to tuning Fords. He even usually answers my goofy questions.
  9. LOL, that IS greatness! I've seen the "mini Mustangs" done in the classic year models but haven't seen a current body style.
  10. Goodness, hell yeah. You name it and they want to race ol' Shelby Lynne. I haven't raced anyone - yet. Trust me, it's been difficult not to on occasion It is amazing the response that these cars do get from others. GT or GT500, it's something else.
  11. Yes, yes it is. ....but only till she blows Actually, I'm not that worried about it, I'm just one of many running similar numbers. The car made the power with ease and we could have shot for 500RWHP and made it but that would be downright silly I figured. Hell, it scares me as it is
  12. Great pics man! Looks like magazine material. If you really want to go country, put some George Jones in the CD player... :banana piano:
  13. That sounds like a good gtg. There was one like that (hundreds of cars) near my house but the "authorities" shut 'er down. Guess it was getting too big for them.
  14. Hey guys, I appreciate the kind words! I think I'm going to be able to get her to the local 1/8 mi next week. I will be on street tires and have never raced a car like this so it'll be a big learning experience I'm sure. Rat, man, I'd like to but I live in Plano (just north of Dallas). Katy's like 5 hours from here! Well, maybe 4 hours if yer crazy! lol
  15. I have the Whipple HO (10 psi) kit. Here's a link to my thread on it, including the dyno graph. FordEvangelist's Whipple Dyno Results I made 479/435 to the wheels. It's pretty freakin' fast. Haven't been to the track yet but I suspect low 12's on street tires and easily into the high 11's on DR's based on what others have run.
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