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  1. I say you keep the Shelby and drive it on special days and keep the mileage low and buy a new Chevy Colorado as your everyday driver. I just bought my first ever Chevy and I love it. Shame on Ford for making me switch. There is talk about bringing back the Ranger, but too late for me. Keep the Shelby............ Edit I just read your latest post. Hope you enjoy your new car.
  2. I guess that settles the question once and for all................ Red Shelby's are the fastest.
  3. Update. I added a full tank of 93 octane and a bottle of Lucas fuel treatment a few weeks ago. With the car off I cleaned the carb with carb cleaner and pulled off the fuel filter and blew it out with air. I restarted the engine and cleaned the carb again with cleaner with it running. I have run it several times since and it is running much better. I plan to remove the carb this winter and tear it apart and clean it good. I have also bought a bottle of the 360* StaBil for ethanol gas and will add this to both my Mustang and Shelby this winter. Also when I restored it 10 years ago I switched it over from points to the Petronix and was so glad I did. Thanks for everyone and their input. I need to start it more often and drive it more often. Thanks again to everyone.
  4. I wish I had drained what little gas I had in my tank before adding fresh gas this week. I replaced the fuel tank 10 years ago when I restored the car and added a new sending unit as well. I will go right thru it over the next few days and follow what you did to yours. I was looking into the Sta-Bil I have used over the years as a winter storage gas additive, and was reading an article on the 360* Sta-bil for ethanol gas. Might give that a try this winter. Thanks for you input.
  5. I need some help......kind of stumped here. I have only driven my 66 yearly for it's annual inspection sticker for the past few years. I tried taking it this past Tuesday and could not keep it running. I'm afraid even though I have been adding Stabil to my gas I'm afraid the little bit of gas I had has lost it's power. I added 3 gallons to a nearly empty tank and was able to get it started, but it ran rough. I added another 5 gallons of gas and a bottle of Heet thinking it needed some for the moisture that was in the tank, but it seemed to still idle very rough. A friend of mine suggested adding a gas additive Lucas to it and said if that doesn't help I may need to rebuild my carburetor. He claims the gas with the ethanol is killing our older cars. I restored this car 10 years ago and rebuilt the motor and only has roughly 10,000 miles on it since. The car has plenty of power when I open it up, but still runs very rough. Any suggestions?
  6. Oh my God. Isn't this crazy? One more storm and I will have to hire someone with a bucket to clean-up the end of my driveway. I am half way into the road before I can see if anyone's coming. Busy street I live on too. Also sending you a very late birthday greeting. Seems I missed your last one. Best wishes to you and Sean on the new year.
  7. That was a great game. Took all 60 minutes right down to the last second. Seattle has a great team to be very proud of.
  8. I would assume the answer of small hands would probably prevent a person from becoming a quarterback in the NFL in the first place. I have met several football players over the years and these people are huge. They are not average size people. I would assume a quarterback has to have large hands to be able to grip the football. I know basketball players also have huge hands to be able to squeeze and grip a basketball. As for the deflation of the footballs I would rather hold my opinions until the NFL makes a ruling. I believe people have the right to be innocent until proven guilty. I know after the spy gate incident a few years back Mr. Kraft has promised that there would be no further rules broken and that if there is reason for discipline I would hope he stands behind his words and does the right thing.
  9. What a beautiful video. Thank you both for sharing your special day with us. God Bless.
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