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  1. I just traded my 2008 GT500 that I bought new for a 2014 GT500 that has 3100 miles on it. But I have a few questions. What all is included in Equipment Group 821A for $ 3495.00? What all is included with SVT track pkg for $2995.00? What all is included in Electronics pkg for $2340.00? I was also wondering how many Black with red stripes were made in 2014? Thanks for any help!!!
  2. I would like to put silver stripes on my 2013 GT500 (maybe gray if silver is not available). Did Ford ever make silver striped GT500's??? If they did can the kit be ordered for Ford and how much? Thanks
  3. I am ready to trade my 2008 Vapor GT500 for a 2013 or 2014 GT500. I would like to know if there are many differences between them mechanically. Thought that I heard that the clutch is better in the 2014? What about recalls or service problems. Don't want to go thru another clutch problem like the one on my 2008. Any help or advice is appreciated!! Thanks!!
  4. How much do you guys think the cost for the labor at a Ford dealer to install new Mcleos clutch kit, new Mcleod throwout bearing and pilot bearing and change transmissing oil? I would be getting all the parts, all they have to do is install? What about a regular rerpair shop?? Thanks
  5. I am installing Mcloed RST clutch kit and I would like to know if I need their throwout bearing #14-301. Can I use the stock one or should put in the Mcleod unit? Thanks
  6. Bought my GT500 new on June 8 2008 as a retirement gift to myself. I use it as a daily driver but being retired we don't take it out very ofter as the mileage shows. This week the clutch started slipping. It's still ok to drive but you have to feather the gas in the upper gears. Do any of you guys think this would be covered under the factory warranty ( not extended). Or will I have to pay out of pocket for the fix?? Thanks for the input
  7. My 2008 GT550 with 24,000 miles just started to have the clutch slip today. Called my dealer service he said they never did a GT500 clutch and knew nothing (small town Shelby, Ohio). So I am thinking about doing it myself ?!?!? Can anyone help with the procedure and what all in involved? I have a lift available. I have done clutches before but nothing so new. Thanks
  8. I was coming home one afternoon when an Ohio State Patrol pulls out and follows me until I turn down a side road where I live. Later that evening after pizza a state tropper (the same one from earlier) has a car pulled over and he waves me to stop. I'm thinking what the Heck I wasn't doing anything. Wife puts her window down and he says " I was following you earlier and ran your plate; can't believe you haven't had any tickets. How do you do it. Beautiful car!!" Real nice young guy. I told him I'm 63 and don't do that stuff anymore. I'm also very very carefull!!! LOL
  9. I bought my 2008 GT500 new ,but I am thinking about a new Boss 302. Has anyone driven a new Boss and how would you compare them. Would you trade your GT500 for a Boss. I have a 1970 Boss 302 and would like a new Boss to go with it, but I really like my Shelby. Just asking opinions and maybe some first hand comparisons of the two Mustangs. Thanks
  10. So , does everyones anti theft light blink all the time and why did mine just start blinking all the time 3 days ago??? Thoughts????
  11. The anti theft indicator light on the IC started flashing today with the car unlocked. I have never seen this light on before but it prob was flashing when car was locked. Now it flashes once about 2 seconds with doors locked or unlocked,. It goes out if I turn the key on. Car is a 2008 GT500 with 16,000 miles one owner. Any ideas??? Did I do something to make this happen?? I read the owners guide page 91 ,l but the light still fashes with the doors unlocked!! Thanks
  12. Will the 285/40's work OK with the stock front wheel width? How much narrower are the front wheels than the rear?? I am also thinking about going 285/40 on all 4 corners. But if the front wheels are narrower than the rear wheels, how can you rotate them to the rear??
  13. Am looking for a pair of rear tires for my 08 GT500 and was thinking about going to this size. Was wondering if anyone has tried this size. Of course they are a little wider and are 28.31 inches in diameter which makes them a little taller.(think that they would help fill up the space between the tire and the wheel well.) Any thoughts????
  14. I am looking for a new set of rear tires for my 2008 GT500. But I would like something a little larger in overall diameter. Stock seems to be about 26 inches, woulg like to go to 27 inches +. I do not want a drag tire must be for street only. Any ideas???? Thanks
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that clutch chatter is not covered in a TSB, as it is normal with that kind of clutch. Sooooo is chatter reason for TSB clutch replacement form Ford???
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