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  1. good i agree. he has had some bad press some deserved but they push outside the lines and sometimes it doesn’t work out. my job is to make sure we take of all those that help us succeed. i like Him he’s a lot like Carroll in many ways . he won his first race in a gt350 ?
  2. thanks i think he’s great too! we are planning some fun stuff, open to all
  3. David, ok i understand, but you do understand he was fired from that company by the investors 2 years before they went BQ. and he has honored all the warranties, i saw a letter he sent out to all his dealers stating that fact. and unless you dig in no one ever knows the full story. On a side note very creative men who push envelopes do too much and get sideways, even Carroll, you know the old saying “ you can’t make omelets without breaking a few eggs. i have also helped take care of dealers, it’s part of the job. i hope i’m successful again as Steve deserves it! ?
  4. yes he’s a great guy, I needed an event person , he was interested. and before anyone says i stole him, I didn’t he doesn’t work for Shelby?
  5. Not sure I answered, thanks! Have a happy healthy New year as well!
  6. Not sure I answered, thanks! Have a happy healthy New year as well!
  7. When we used Shelby GT we were not as tied to Ford as Shelby is now. Different times
  8. Ryan sells many cars to the saudis and some of them they destroy when done.
  9. This was an episode that Ryan did to help us when we were getting started on the rebuilding. There were 5 built and sold in US and 20 sold to Europe and Saudi Arabia
  10. Excited to be going! See u all there!
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