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  1. I am changing my LCA's finally, Stage 2 unleashed the wheel hop My question is can the hardware be reused? I have been told some of the suspension hardware is "torque to yield" thus a one time use only Need help Thanks Lonnie
  2. Little Evelynn Made the Local NEWS http://www.nbcaugusta.com/news/local/35693824.html
  3. Hope you get it worked out Man, I can tell its real frustrating ...cant blame you
  4. Evelynn Little 1237 Longpoint Drive Agusta Ga. 30906 THANK YOU She would love it
  5. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE One year ago today our Grandaughter was born 11 weeks premature. Evelynn weighed in at 1 pound 7 ounces. A lot has changed sense that day we rushed to Georgia as our daughter was rushed to the hospital. One thing is that my obcession with Team Shelby (StangsUnleashed) has been overcome by Work and my bride I'm sure couldnt be happier. Most importantly all of your prayers have been answered. Priceless guidance of comfort from some TS members gave us peace along the way...Just look at this thread, you know who you are. It is with overwhelming pride and respect for you that I feel the need to pop in and show how Evelynn is doing I may have faded away but few days go by where I dont think about your contribution Our family THANKS YOU! Evelynn celebrates her first birthday today. isn't she just a cutie? Super Snake aka Lonnie
  6. An update on Our Granddaughter Evelynn just got these pix from Nicole Evelynn's 1st Birthday will be Nov 27 :happy feet: I miss you guys
  7. Haven't heard from SS in a while??


  8. Sweet do you still mop it every day? :happy feet:
  9. everything under control I mean under water So far brisk breeze and 6 inches of rain
  10. Is this the first High Performance car you have driven or owned?
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