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  1. Great post! I 100% agree with this and noticed the same. Yeah the Camaro SS was a tick quicker around a track than the same year Mustang GT but the Mustang won the overall comparison tests every time. The GT500 seems heavy to me but judging how awesome the GT350 is, I'm sure the 500 will be just as great and then some due to the higher price and horsepower. It looks to pack the equipment to handle the weight and what a serious track racer can throw at it.
  2. Wow pretty sweet man thanks for posting! Ford could have taken the speed limit off of it and run it with the racecars!
  3. I'd like to mention here that I'm hoping whoever changed the oil used 5W50 and not the standard Mustang's 5W20 weight oil. That would certainly cause an oil consumption issue. The reason I say this is because when the GT500's were released, and even a few years after, many dealerships were filling 5W20 in them and rotating the tires with the larger rears on the front and smaller fronts on the rear, ignorant of the new GT500's specs. You also mention cruising at 3-3.3K rpm's. That might use more oil than normal as well. Recommend changing your own oil with 5W50 Motorcraft or Amsoil. They both contain the correct Ford specification WSS-M2C931-C.
  4. Don't be that guy who overwhelmingly paid for that plastic
  5. It'll never be as cool or iconic as a 1967 GT500. But by all means:
  6. Highly recommend Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Plus tires. All season tire with as much or more grip than many summer performance tires and double the treadwear! Very smooth and quiet, too.
  7. Yes the weight is true. The hellcat fat-pack is 4440lbs. but I'm hoping that the GT500 can pull off some seriously great numbers for most enthusiasts state of shock to overlook the weight gain.
  8. That's Ebay for ya. Let's not use it for judging car or car parts values because usually it's unrealistic, imo.
  9. Right- anything can be made to be fast with money but some cars cost less to get to your goals than others.
  10. In the 2007-2014 GT500 5.4 and 5.8 engines, it's really the connecting rods that won't handle the high HP. That's the most labor intensive swap. 2012-'13 Boss 302's, 2015-up 5.0's and GT350 5.2's (and I'm sure the 2020 GT500 5.2) can easily handle 1000 boosted crank HP and more without any changes because they got improved rods from the factory.
  11. Some advice from a fellow GT500 owner: Do not take advice regarding horsepower from an SGT owner. See what happens?
  12. To be basic, the only weakest points of the '08 GT500 that can't support 1000HP are the stock supercharger, connecting rods, exhaust manifolds and driveshaft. You'll need a good set of forged rods installed, stronger one-piece driveshaft and a high-end supercharger or turbo kit. Whipple, Kenne Bell, Roush and Procharger make good superchargers to name a few. Here is a link to get you started, a 1000HP supercharger kit: https://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_227_228_232&products_id=814&zenid=njb50t0lvrighl2kdr6ceeqi05
  13. So, what the BMW and Porsche twerps were saying is that Shelbys aren't collectible TO THEM, but they will always be collectible. Even the Dodge Shelbys are collectible, just not to us, but to some. I could care less about BMW's or Porsche's, so to me they aren't collectible at all.
  14. Any Shelby is collectible. I think some people confuse collectible with investment. And Ford Shelby vehicle production is actually a small percentage of total Mustang production, so yes, they are and will always be collectible due to their limited production and unique drivetrains not available in other Mustangs.
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