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  1. +1 I never understood the hate either because the car had style, unlike the fox. But because it was very small car and underpowered, I could see why alot of people didnt like it when the trend was into large luxurious cars with powerful engines. Also, after talking to a few original owners of the II's, they weren't happy about the car's lack of reliability. But they did sell many of them and won car of the year. When I started driving in the '80's, I chose first generation Mustang (1972).
  2. 940WHP!! Basic list of mods: Ported blower, 2.65" pulley, long tube headers, race fuel, tune and 20" Mickey Thompson Street SS drag radials. Nice job Evolution Performance and Lund Racing! Met Nelson and the Evo guys at Mustang Week, they know Mustangs.
  3. Welcome to 2007! Yes. Been discussed at great length many times. Here ya go: https://m.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-pads/duralast-max-ceramic-brake-pads-dgc1001/60533_220612_16108?location=Front Ceramic low-dust replacement pad with lifetime warranty.
  4. The world's most famous Ford Falcon, the MFP Pursuit Special:
  5. How's the oil? Sounds like the engine is seized or you need a new battery/fuse. Hope it's not the engine.
  6. That equates to 937 flywheel HP before adding any more boost!! (834WHP + 11% parasitic drivetrain loss per Ford) It's going to be very interesting to see how much power this beast will make with some pulley changes!!
  7. The Lund Racing 2020 GT500 makes 834WHP with E85, tune, and basic bolt-ons! That's over 900HP at the flywheel! This car is a beast! Looking forward to some dragstrip runs with slicks or drag radials to see how far into the 9's it will run! https://www.lethalperformance.com/info/lund-racing-2020-shelby-gt500
  8. C8 isn't available to the public yet so let's see if the dealers try ADM's. Chevy also admitted that they will lose money on every C8 sold below $80K. The hype train even got to Chevy. Very interested to see how this all plays out in a few months.
  9. Lol you didnt notice how all men in the movie are ridiculed or demeaned by the female authority for making correct decisions that they can't make themselves, a 100lb girl takes down the best of the evil Empire all by herself mostly and without any training and Luke is now a whiny crybaby?!
  10. Lol oops I meant that you have to pay her that much even without having to pay "Child Support"
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