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  1. Nobody cares. "Look at me!" You're in the wrong topic. It's not your chat & showoff room.
  2. Congratulations on your new ride! I say drive it! It's your car, you paid for it with your money. Remember this: Make sure the car serves YOU and not the other way around. I highly recommend Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+ tires. They are all-season tires with 500 tread wear. And you can still use them on a track!
  3. Please stop the whining! Ford manufactures the vehicles. So good, in fact, that they demand a market adjustment. The dealers have every right to mark them up. And if they don't mark them back down again to follow the market, well that's their problem- the car sits unsold. Complain to the dealer owner. If you don't want to pay an ADM, it's really quite simple- YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE MARKET TO ADJUST, NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT FORD AND CRITICIZE THE CAR!! You got your automatic Shelby, now be happy, wait a few months and buy one! I hoped that this site had true enthusiasts that discussed the great cars Ford and Shelby American are producing but don't see it much anymore. Even when Ford hits a grand-slam homerun with a new GT350 AND GT500, people still complain.
  4. The "C8 Corvette" topic is the TS troll Facebook page. TS has the least amount of enthusiasm for Shelby products that I have ever seen on the internet. I wouldn't use this site for an enthusiasm gauge on the new car, unfortunately. The ADM's really don't matter- be happy that a company makes a car worthy of a market adjustment. If you have to have one now- I have a saying- "You wanna play, you gotta pay!" So, comparing a $73K car with a market adjustment to $100K+ cars isn't a fair comparison, and then criticizing it is just not right.
  5. The car is a Shelby GT500, a brand-new design and hasn't been released yet- why are you guys surprised?!? Still much cooler than the cars you mention. Improved fit and/or finish notwithstanding. The market dictates the price, fools or not. Gotta love the comments from the "enthusiasts" in here.
  6. Looks like he was going alot faster than that!
  7. Glad you both are ok! Sorry to see what happened your car. to the inattentive driver!
  8. I agree with your assessments. The 2010-2012's have 3.55 rear axle ratios. I felt the 3.31's were too tall in the 2007-09's. Shelby installed 3.73's in their Super Snake builds of those years. I enjoy the 3.73's in my GT. I haven't ridden in or driven a 2013-14 GT500 yet to assess the gears. But I would imagine the 3.73's would work best for the street and strip.
  9. The 2007-2012 GT500 stock Tremec TR6060 transmission has a 1st gear ratio of 2.97. The 2013-14's are 2.66. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tremec_TR-6060_transmission
  10. A 2014 Mustang GT gets this responsible person to work everyday. Hand over your keys to the GT350, there's a Prius in your future.
  11. Hey troll,- "+1" so you talked to the same guy too? If you're gonna add over 300HP to an already potent vehicle, you gotta install supporting mods like suspension, tires and most likely a driver mod. Can't just throw on a power adder and call it a day. The GT350 is a highly balanced car as is. The only engine failures I've heard of were caused by the oil line leak which has a TSB, not a power adder. The car and its engine will be a LEGEND just like its predecessor! Just finished a track day at a highly technical track with many high-dollar cars. Guess what the fastest car there was? A GT350 Depends what you are going to use the car for. Track- no power adder necessary. Dragstrip- power adder. Street & cruise- power adder. Road warrior for taking on the expensive Porsches, BMWs and other modded American Muscle cars. definitely get a power adder. You can never have too much power in this group. If you're an occasional Sunday driver and car show participant, don't waste your money. Don't listen to the trolls here with 315HP cars that belong to the latter group. What group are you in?
  12. Trade the beautiful R-Model that you got a deal on brand new for a modded GT350 with an unknown history? No way man, keep yours and install similar mods if you like what they did to it. And you'll still have a special R Model that you know exactly what was done to it and how it was driven. Sweet ride, btw!
  13. Speculation, but Chevy needs to fire the head designer who seems to want to kill its sales.
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