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  1. Press a button- and I'm guessing there will also be another way to select it from maybe the steering wheel.
  2. Great news and video- thanks for posting! 2006 Ford GT, Ford 5.4, twin-turbo, 45lbs of boost, over 2500HP!!
  3. Wrong again fellas! Coming from a grocery-getter and cars and coffee crowd, you may be semi -correct, but you guys are having a tough time knowing what this car was built for and the competition it faces. The dial simply puts it in 'drive' or 'park,' 'auto' or 'automanual.' You don't have to keep using it, and when you do, the car is stopped (to engage park or drive). The center dashboard display or even a 'HUD' will tell you what you select on the dial and what gear you are in so you don't have to look down. On a track, hands are on the steering wheel at all times. You can let the car shift for you or use the paddle shifters for more control of your shift points. If you complain that you need something to do with your right hand, then obviously this isn't the car for you. Hey, there's always a GT350- it only comes with a manual.
  4. +1 my buddy has a 1970 Mach1 428. We were in the annual Apple Harvest Festival town parade with our cars in with a bunch of musclecars. He only lasted about 15 minutes and had to bail and leave the parade because the car was overheating so quickly. I remember that I could see the gobs of heat pouring out of his car!
  5. You're not going to really benefit from an automatic DCT with paddleshifters in a passenger/SUV vehicle designed for getting you from point A to B in an everyday non-race environment, so it makes no sense to compare it to a performance car's DCT. The whole purpose of the new GT500's transmission is track and drag racing that requires very quick shifting. Moving a lever shifter takes time and driver attention away from piloting the car. You naysayers are completely missing the point. Oh well. Jim Owens said if you want to shift gears manually, the GT350 is still available for you. But you'll always lose to the GT500. And again, the car was designed to be very fast on a track. Which is really cool. If you want your shifter for cruising to cars and coffee car show, buy another car that better fits your style and stop whining on here.
  6. I agree- if Ford deems there would be enough demand - Ford and Tremec would have to design and build a completely new manual transmission to handle the power- for one car- for which they already produced a new trans (the new 7-speed DCT) for. IMO I think it would be worth it for Tremec to soon release (if not in the works by now) a new, higher torque rated mass-producible manual transmission due to the increasing power output of the current crop of musclecars. Notice how most of them are automatics now. Only the GT350 is available only in a manual (maybe because it's not boosted?).
  7. I'm not sure if a manual transmission can be "beefed up" by any conventional means. The input/output shafts would have to be replaced with larger ones along with the supporting parts and also even the case would have to be redesigned to handle more torque without failing.
  8. Sales sheet for the Tremec TR6060 TREMEC_TR-6060_1017.pdf
  9. Do you have any stories from your era, Tek? My era of cars started in 1987 with my first Mustang at 19 years old to present. I was around for the second generation of musclecars. I got some stories. Most of us started with buying the first-gen cars then. A couple guys in my gang bought the new stuff (1987-up fox-body 5.0's). We had 3 first gen Mustangs (two 1972 351C-4V Sportsroofs, and a 1965 coupe with a 351W), Camaros (1967- 1991) and Firebirds (1967 Fitch- 1988 Formula), a 1968 Charger 440 and a 1971 442. We had a Fitch, yes you read that right. He still has it.
  10. Agreed! I spoke to Bob Tasca, Sr. right before he passed away! Got tired of not having a competitive Ford motor for the street to sell and race on the track and put together the first 428! Got to ride in an original 1968 GT500KR 428CJ for the first time recently. It ran very strong and smooth!
  11. They may be, but Ford has to provide a warranty. Tremec rates it at 650ft-lbs.
  12. Good point- The 2011-2014 Shelby 1000 uses the factory Tremec TR6060 manual transmission but its rated for 650ft-lbs of torque. Maybe it wasn't enough for the new car. The new DCT is also from Tremec and designed specifically for the new GT500 so maybe Ford and Tremec chose to just focus on that.
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