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  1. +1 Btw, Manuals because "Speed isn't always the goal..." Here's a nice manual for ya, have fun! "Just saying"
  2. Nice find but for that price, just buy a new one!
  3. Really nice rides in here. BB, congrats, nice find! She looks brand new! Carnut, congrats! Really like the M-Series cars and the color and interior you got! Seems like you get more HP performance than advertised on those cars.
  4. WOW man love the color combo! Congrats on the 14! No more "Old-School" for you from now on I bet!
  5. Beautiful bird and pic! Nice snipe!
  6. Thank you 6-Speed. I knew there had to be a good reason that you wanted one because you've always posted useful information.
  7. The Challenger can turn? The only Dodge I've seen at a track is a Viper.
  8. Looks like a typical Chevy broken down on the side of a road.
  9. The GT500 has had over 800HP since 2007 by Kenne Bell superchargers. 13 years later, where are we? Cars with 700-800HP $100K from the factory and 300-600 more lbs. too.
  10. Fancy cars for getting ice cream! Some people use all the HP in their cars and as I've said before, no one has died.
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