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  1. Contact a reputable tuner for the fix. AED, Lund, VMP, etc for example.
  2. Hi Dan, good to see you here. Your GT500 has Ford GT-style dual fuel pumps. If you are running a boost-a-pump, check wiring to them (under the rear seat) and fuses. I've seen melted wiring at the pumps when running a boost-a-pump. One of the pumps may not be functioning.
  3. It's better than talking about Corvettes!
  4. Check out these high-quality Shelby-themed wallets, belt and gun holsters endorsed and licensed by the man himself, Carroll Shelby. Read the owner's testimony. Very cool how his family moved to the U.S. and business became a success! Very impressed with his quality. https://cobragunskin.us/
  5. Looks amazing! Nice job on the car and calipers! Miss the black wheels, though!
  6. Hi, welcome to TS! With your Stage 2 mods you're right on the money, those are the correct spark plugs. Recommend gapping between .032-.035- that's the sweet spot. Any more than that and you risk misfire. Car must be a beast! Probably about 560-575rwhp.
  7. Auto racing shoes closely follow the contours of the wearer's foot to allow for more precise controlling of the car's foot pedals (gas, brake, and if applicable, clutch).
  8. "...Government... massively failed..." ^^-Fake news
  9. Beautiful cars, guys! My new ride. Very impressed with the S550.
  10. David, congratulations on your new S550! The newest version Mustang like yours is the best by far. Enjoy your new ride!
  11. Congratulations, Mike! Your dream car finally! Enjoy it and drive the wheels off!
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