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  1. The VIN number is all you need for a 2007-up GT500. There's the Shelby code right in the VIN.
  2. Ok well that's good you have a dual blade throttle body. If it idles smooth with those mods I'd trust that the tune is a good one. My Ford Racing tune idles at 700rpm and I think it's too low, sounds like it's barely running and think it should be around 850- but my motor is stock otherwise. If yours is 850, it's because your motor is modded with larger MAF plenum, CAI, fuel injectors, supercharger, probably a freer flowing exhaust, etc; all of which together lower some of the drivability and comfort. The 330ci 5.4 is using very little air at idle and all the mods you have contribute to the higher idle speed. IMO, 850 isn't that high. Remember, it's not a luxury car, it's a modded Shelby with very high HP parts. Remember the old days before computer controls? My 1970 351c idled at 1200.
  3. What did you have and now have for a throttle body? If a maximum-HP effort monoblade type, they are difficult to tune for a smooth idle so the idle speed is turned up to compensate due to low air flow speed through the larger, single venturi. Change to a dual or twin-type throttle body for increased drivability.
  4. You'll have to get a custom tune and upload it to your car. You can specify the speed you want the limit set at, or none at all. For maximum HP, get a custom dyno tune locally. You can also get an emailed tune that can be fine tuned by sending your data logs back to the tuner who will review them and make adjustments accordingly. There are several reputable tuners out there. Let me know if you need recommendations or have any more questions. Edit: FYI, maximum speed is easily and quickly achievable with a GT500. My first custom tune proved that. The speedometer is a joke ending at 160 on the earlier pre-2013 cars. So be careful, especially with a convertible.
  5. "2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang - What Makes It So Fast? We Go Deep Inside the 500's Guts" Evan Smith and Shelby Brand Marketing Manager Jim Owens discuss the engineered parts of the GT500:
  6. "The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Would Make Carroll Shelby Proud" Redline Reviews Carnut, you'll like this review, he agrees with your assessment of the interior vs price and there's close ups of all the alcantara, leather, aluminium, carbon fiber, soft plastic and faux stitching lol. Remember, this isn't a high-end euro luxo cruiser, it's a sport/musclecar/track car where most of the money is in the drivetrain which really shines here. I think most will agree that the interior is plenty nice. Save the wood paneling for the Bentleys, ok?
  7. "2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – First Drive" Kelley Blue Book
  8. "2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Official Review - Hot Lap" American Muscle
  9. Cool! Congrats! Looking forward to your thoughts on it!
  10. All the 2020 GT500 reviews are positive, but if Chevy wants to find any ideas to criticize the car for their commercials, look no further than Team Shelby. Also, more traffic for their C8 here than any other site.
  11. The New 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is Much Better Than You Think — Here's Why! The Fast Lane Car
  12. "The Most Powerful Ford Ever - 2020 Ford Shelby GT500" Engineering Explained
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