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  1. No one tried more than I did. I'll leave you guys to your past fantasy worlds.
  2. Mike, this is a public forum. You make comments, however subjective, and I choose to make comments based on facts and my experience. You are quick to bring up old automatics as boring, and I agree, the old cars you mentioned are, but why not the new Jag, DCT or not? Is the Jag boring to drive? I don't need to list my cars. I own the appropriate cars to discuss on this forum and actually use them for their intended purpose, not just to try them on like shoes, be an on-ramp warrior, get rid of them quickly and talk like an expert. So it doesn't matter how many performance cars you've owned. At least the Goose tracks his SGT he's had for awhile. You guys discuss and judge cars from your perception of the past, not reality in the present. It makes no sense to judge a completely new car before it has been released based on perceived conjecture. Carry on. Well, maybe not. This is a C8 topic in a Shelby forum.
  3. The kid posted most likely false information just to get more views on his YouTube channel.
  4. The bs in here gets unbelievable. You cannot compare a 700++HP DCT super car with about 400HP more than the cars you mentioned as boring with their old automatics. You also don't mention your new Jag F-Type and its auto? And not sure where you get to say "..maybe the new generation isn't into manuals or haven't learned to drive them" from? Ford and GM had no choice but to step up their games to compete in a fierce global automobile market so they now offer the highest performance transmission that one can buy in their new supercars. No other reason!! I'm really not sure why that won't sink in to you guys. It really is scary.
  5. Thanks for posting this. It's nice to hear a report from a person who has actually owned both cars.
  6. +1 Agreed, the turbo cars of those years weren't reliable and the separated headlights didn't look as nice as the 77-78's.
  7. Yup, and the '77's weren't nearly as nice as the 79-81's. And none were as nice as the Trans-Ams.
  8. I like both the King Cobra and Trans-Am, both great looking cars. I'm just not understanding why you said the Cobra had "too much flash" for you but the Trans-Am was sexy. They both have the exact same styling features.
  9. They still make slower manual Vettes, Camaros, Mustang GT's, the GT350 and hemi Challengers. Are you in the market for a new high-performance manual vehicle? You vote with what you buy.
  10. What? Farrah Fawcett wasn't enough for you? I guess the Mustang 2 needed a cool movie back then.
  11. 45 minutes is too far to get to a track? It sounds like you're an on-ramp warrior. Well, enjoy your cars the way you like, then. Here's your Priius.
  12. My Velgens are 10.5 but not sure what the stock GT500 wheels are.
  13. Depends on what kind of driving you are doing. Everyday use- yes, either may be boring to you depending on what you prefer. For all-out track use, the DCT is quickest. I enjoy both. Sometimes I miss my plush automatic T-Bird for daily driving but overall I am enjoying my manual GT. Especially on the track. Until I can get a DCT GT500. Now we're talking!!
  14. I didn't want to offend anyone here by saying "track-focused" Yup, have fun with the manuals.
  15. No comment on the new C8 from the OP either? This is just your chat room then. Tim, rename this topic to "Mike Squared Chat Room!"
  16. 295/35/20's fit perfect on an aftermarket rear wheel.
  17. Ok, sorry to hear that. I guess GM made it too performance-focused for some- just like the new GT500. I wonder if Chevy will also offer a manual? I was wondering if you guys forgot how to talk about cars, especially the topic. Now that Chevy's new mid-engined C8 Vette has been announced, you guys start talking about the Titanic. Maybe some symbolism there?
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