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  1. Trade the beautiful R-Model that you got a deal on brand new for a modded GT350 with an unknown history? No way man, keep yours and install similar mods if you like what they did to it. And you'll still have a special R Model that you know exactly what was done to it and how it was driven. Sweet ride, btw!
  2. Speculation, but Chevy needs to fire the head designer who seems to want to kill its sales.
  3. Link? No mention of it on Ford's site. "2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 Body Styles The 2020 Ford Mustang will likely only be offered as a two-door hardtop coupe. A two-door soft top convertible body style is unlikely."
  4. Think Dodge Shelby Chargers, Omni GLH & GLHS's, Shelby Focus', all small 4-banger turbos. He was about performance, small or large displacement, N/A, turbos, superchargers, automatics and all. Some of his personal rides were autos. Back then, there were no reliable purpose-built affordable performance automatics. Until now.
  5. Right. What I'm talking about here is a car that was purpose-built to be the best performing car that it could be, drivetrain-wise, from the ground-up, not with parts and components from other vehicles nor advice from show-off cars and coffee wanna-be on-ramp hero trolls here. Not talking about DCT's in old Volkswagens . I'm talking about the DCT, Predator engine with Eaton supercharger and other components were newly and specifically co-designed and built by Tremec, Eaton and Ford for this car's highest performance. Ford put their best effort into this beast and should be applauded for it. Unlike other companies, you won't see this drivetrain in any other Ford. Same with the GT350.
  6. It doesn't really matter unless you got to have one now and don't want to pay the market value. Enjoy what you have now, wait for prices to come down if looking to upgrade your ride.
  7. It was moved to the 2020 GT500 section, David.
  8. +1 MHR, this car is going to be a beast, no matter the price. People are paying $120K for a Demon that can't turn and is the slowest 800+HP car on the planet. I can see the Mopar heads laughing at the shortfall in HP compared to their top-dawg sleds but they are forgetting that the GT500 is about 400lbs lighter and can compete with the best on the Nurburgring.
  9. 760HP, 625lb-ft of TQ per Autoblog: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/06/19/2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-horsepower-torque-vdkwif4/
  10. Yes I do- the new car isn't available yet. My 2014 is 9 year-old technology. You guys want old-school- buy a Dodge.
  11. The shifters are on the steering wheel and the transmission was co-developed by Ford and Tremec specifically for the GT500 to beat the competition, not just to look cool getting groceries. I see the troll old schoolers here want Ford to keep their cars in the dark ages. Thankfully, that's not gonna happen. Technology improves and with it, performance. No need to criticize the new car because you're enjoying your clutch pedal. It's hard to believe there's cynics among Shelby owners here, even when Ford designs a brand-new home-run supercar Shelby GT500.
  12. I'm a big fan of the retro design too, especially the '13-'14's, but really, there's nothing wrong with this:
  13. It will blow the older GT500's away in every measurable aspect of performance. That's what the DCT is for. If one isn't interested in track and drag performance- by all means, enjoy the car shows and on-ramp heroics with an older, inferior car. The 2020 GT500's unique cross-plane 5.2L engine, "Predator," is Ford's high-tech modular design and features a new Eaton 2.65L supercharger, not a stock Coyote. If you want something more unique, be prepared to spend at least 3X more. Chevy's Vette still uses the same pushrod design from the 1950's and can be found in most cars, trucks and SUV's. Dodge still uses ancient hemi technology in their barges. Not sure where your cynicism is coming from.
  14. Info here on the Fusion "Eleanor" cars: https://www.fusionmotorco.com/eleanor-legacy Right- no "Shelby" or "GT500" badges anywhere but instead has "Eleanor Gone In 60 Seconds" badges on fenders and "427 Eleanor- Powered By Roush" on valve covers. So, did Jerry Bruckheimer, Disney and Denice Halicki get sued because they used the Shelby name on the movie car??
  15. Those are the facts, not myth, in the fictional movie. The problem here is some people are thinking that a fictional movie character is real. I think the OP feelings are hurt that the movie replica cars are bringing more money than real ones- due to the exciting driving scenes in the movie. (Too bad the Need For Speed movie "Shelby" was fictional, too.)
  16. It was Chip Foose that made the cars. What was the myth? The car is a character in a fictional movie.
  17. Bring it back to the dealer. It's a simple adjustment with a Ford ProCal tuner. Not sure what happened there or how it affects the warranty. Find a new dealer if they're not even competent enough to simply adjust the gear ratio computer setting!
  18. Wrongo unless he means that they do not have the optional Track Pack Torsen unit- all standard differentials (even the V6 cars) are the limited slip type.
  19. The optional differential is the Torsen mechanical unit. OP are you referring to that? The standard unit is the limited slip (clutches).
  20. Thanks for posting, I noticed the pics online today and looking forward to seeing the movie.
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