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  1. We got the $100 version and it's plenty big... https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/Z100-DP1.htm
  2. It's always good to start by looking for vacuum leaks. Everywhere.
  3. Curious why you're in the market for a 40th, given all the iterations of Shelby out there. Of course, we're fans...
  4. Hmmm interesting. I remember how excited we all were before this came out. May have been StangsUnleashed days. If only one car left, it will certainly have a greater value, especially in our community. Though this movie isn't exactly Bullitt...
  5. I was there! Great time. We should do that again!
  6. Really jealous of you guys. Would love to hit Sonoma someday. VIR will have to do until then. Tho I hear VIR is a close 2nd to Sonoma.
  7. Julie and I are both registered and we'll be bringing both 40ths along. Will be good to see old friends and make new ones. See you Thursday!
  8. Steering wheel and Eibach MultiPro R2 are SOLD. 2007 GT500 stock rims and tires still available - as well as the set of Pirelli's.
  9. I want to put this back up - this Eibach MultiPro R2 set retails for $2500-3000. How does $800 sound? These are nitrogen charged to 200lbs and fully adjustable on compression and return. I used them on the track for a couple years and they are still like new. I simply wanted to return the black car back to the original Eibach ProStreet that was included in the 40th package. I want to make the white and black cars as identical as possible.
  10. Also have a full set of stock rims and tires - with 300 miles on them. How's $500 plus shipping for all of it? Date codes probably 2007. You're essentially getting a new set of rims with some spares. I drove on these recently when I had the razors widened and they were fine.
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