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  1. I agree - this was a great story, Tony! I have an '06 torch red V6 auto with the Pony Package. Tan leather interior, My Color instruments, GT suspension package, traction control... it's all I wanted (except the dual exhaust - that would make this complete)! I'll post a picture at some point. Just got it in June, got the title in October. Less to insure, has most of the performance I want, is a nice nice ride, gets OK mileage. Nothing at all to complain about - it's been absolutely perfect! I lost my Dad unexpectedly in January of this year, three weeks after we lost my wife's Dad to cancer. I did a lot of thinking after the dust settled. My Dad, and my wife's Dad, came from an era of frugality and conservatism. Great traits, as they left their widows very comfortable. Both of these great men certainly lived full lives, but they did deny themselves due to their frugal nature. The Mustang is something I've always wanted. My first car was almost a '67 fastback, and when the new body styles came out in '05, I started daydreaming about having one. After more thought, I decided I wanted a car to enjoy, but it had to be done in a way that had no impact on my family. Enter the Mustang. I couldn't really justify the GT with climbing fuel prices, but when the V6 Pony Package came out, I was hooked! My wife and the two youngsters can all fit (not really that comfortable for the kids, but I never intended to use this car to drive to FL - that's what the minivan is for). My Dad and I were both car nuts, as is my son. It's something I think Dad would have approved of, although he was a hard-core GM guy and it made him crazy over the past few years that I migrated to the Blue Oval. An unexpected neat thing about my car is that the build date is within a few days of my Dad's birthday, which makes it all the more special. Sa.R
  2. I really like the look of the back sans the spoiler. Hop
  3. Not to beat a dead horse (boy that's a bad pun), but the washer may not be necessary. I dropped my fluid level last night to 1/2 way between the min/max marks, and no leaks today. However, if you do a fair amount of hard cornering or aggressive start and go, I think the washer fix is a good idea. Even with the fluid level dropped, I can imagine a bit of sloshing around during aggressive driving would still allow some seepage around the cap. Hop
  4. Thanks Rob! I'll try it. Easy fix, glad to hear it's worked for you. Hop
  5. I have an '06 V6, Pony pkg, auto, not quite 1700 miles on it. I had the leak too. My reservoir was just a tick above full. I lowered the level to 1/2 way between the marks and wiped it all down. Not much of a leak, and not enough to drip and cause paint to peel. We'll see if lowering the level helps. Rob, where did you get the washer? I didn't catch the specifics of the size/diameter and where you get it in the original thread. Hopper
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