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  1. A big Thank You for all who helped my daughter! She still said she had a good time and she is looking forward to other events. I wasn't looking forward to getting home. (the boss didn't scold me at all) Bonus for me! I also look forward to next year!
  2. Hello Steve, I renewed and received the 2016 package, even though I already have it from last years renewal. Do I need to return it?
  3. Sure sorry to miss this event. Reading the posts and seeing the photo's sure bring back memories. Hopefully next year.....
  4. Got mine yesterday. Same thing no shirt. They probably should have mentioned that in the letter that came with the other items. It does list the shirt.
  5. In order; T-shirt (not black) annual magazine calendar historic images / team members cars pen gift card Thanks for asking!
  6. Really sad to see this. He left us too young. Condolences to Lisa and the family. Per request on the link above a donation has been made to the Terlingua Preservation Society.
  7. Drove one of mine the other day. I'll get the other one out this week. I still enjoy them.
  8. It looks like it will be three years at least. The Ford GT group is meeting in Dearborn next year for the 10th anniversary. I don't want to miss that.
  9. Those are fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Best wishes for a fantastic Thanksgiving! Safe travels.
  11. Looks like another great event. Sorry I missed it. Thanks for the photos, nice to see many friends there.
  12. There were sure alot of folks giving thumbs up and taking photos of my Tungsten on the Freeway today. A perfect day for a four hour cruise...
  13. I don't have any howling noise in either of mine. Just over 1,000 miles in the 40th..
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