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  1. Passenger side completed last Friday here in Kennesaw, GA. Both mine are good now! Yes, they are serious... I received 5 letters and a postcard last year.
  2. Follow-up... is there a specific paint color code to match the stripe color with. Gonna pull trigger on this before attending the '55th show in NC next April.
  3. I installed the McLeod RXT twin disc 2 years ago... No issues.
  4. Thanks for the input... Yes, I will keep the car and pass it on to son/grandson. I had originally planned to go with the "originality" theme when my '07 was new and never, ever change it, but couldn't resist the 40th upgrade. So, time to make it my own! Paint it is!
  5. Managed to develop some hard water spots that have damaged my stripes on the truck lid/spoiler... Thinking about having them just painted on. Thoughts? Keith
  6. I'm sure I had the same or similar issue this weekend... "Check charging system" warning and lots of flashing lights, then it all went blank and engine started sputtering. I got off the interstate and had enough power to run the flashers til the tow truck arrived. Any good directions and tips on doing the alternator replacement? I'm sure it's on my to do list... Thanks, Keith
  7. So, I finally decide to unwrap my replacement CF splitter and install it... Goods news: all the holes are pre-drilled. No worries there. I did note the slight difference in design of the 2017 version of the CF splitter vs the design of 40th pkg splitter in 2011/2012. New design resembles the original shape of OEM plastic splitter vs the contoured style of the 40th. Anyone else have to change their splitter and get something similar? keith
  8. Dealer finally called me to pick up my new CF splitter... wished it hadn't happened, took too long to get replacement, but when there aren't any around, you wait until they get manufactured. Time now to be very deliberate in prep and planning the reinstall effort.
  9. If I were looking for another one, I'd get an '09 GT500. Shortest production run of the S197 model.
  10. Welcome Back! Enjoy, and Drive that thing...You've got years to make up for!
  11. Good news.... spoke to the Service Director on the same afternoon and he also stated they'd get back to me. Sure enough, by mid-morning Monday (yesterday) the service manager called me and said the part was on order. He asked if I'd like the dealership to install, I declined and said I'd take care of it. Waiting for delivery, so I can pick it up.
  12. Dropped my car off at 9:00 am Friday for airbag recall replacement, took my wife to breakfast, then early matinee of Hacksaw Ridge (damn good movie!). Go to pick the car up at 4:00 pm, everything complete, service rep remarks about my '07 having only 32K miles, likes the red color and silver stripes. "Thanks", I take the keys and walk out to my car to find.... my front splitter cracked. Where the car is parked it's clearly evident the curb is a couple inches higher than the splitter. Immediately call the service rep out, he looks it over, takes photos, and asks if I know the Ford Part #. I say "No, it is not a Ford part. You'll have to contact Shelby at SAI in Las Vegas. This is part their 40th Anniversary serialized package. You'll have to get a replacement from them". He notes my CSM # and say he'll inform the Service Director and call me on Monday. I asked for the Director's name and number, and told the rep I'd be calling him as well. So, I guess my question to SAI is... if the dealer contacts you with my CSM data to buy a replacement splitter, will you authorize it?
  13. Recently began having similiar issues on my gauge pod. Fuel pressure gauge fluctuates unrelated to throttle input and boost pressure gauge stopped functioning... clearly a sending unit has failed or connection is no longer secure. Keith
  14. Robert, Thanks for the detective work... I'll keep looking too! Keith
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