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  1. What's involve in a 2010 upgrade kit & is it valid for a 2007? Curious! Have not considered it; didn't know it was an option.
  2. I had Steeda Canada install a Spec Supertwin in my car, with a new throw bearing spring kit. It's been the worst experience since taking delivery in Aug 2006. The chatter is normal. The reason I have chatter is the 3 disc which floats. When I depress the clutch pedal, the 3rd disk floats freely creating the chatter noise. What I do have that no one has been able to answer, is a large vibration in the whole car, on high acceleration and also on deceleration in gears 4, 5 and 6. The worst vibration is in 3rd gear between 40 and 50mph / 60 and 80kph. Very annoying. I went so far as to have them install an aluminium drive shaft, which didn't fix the problem. Without reversing the work they did and verifying the clutch, they keep telling my I have something else wrong, NOT the clutch. Well I keep telling them there was nothing wrong before the new clutch. One interesting quirk on this; if I'm decelerating and the vibration is hugely evident, pushing in the clutch pedal, makes is all go away. Go figure!!!! Next year, I'll flip that clutch to a McLeod RXT.
  3. Well I wish I made the same choice I suppose. I posted back on June 22nd my small nightmare with a SPEC SuperTwin. Steeda did the job. I've even asked the Shelby tech centre about my problem, without any response. The problem is the vibration put out when decelerating. It all happens, sometimes, on high acceleration, gears 2 and 3. In 5th and 6th, decelerating is annoying. Sometimes the whole interior shutters. I took the car back to Steeda. They did not disassemble and the tech said it was normal after he drove it. I think it's BS. Torque down, that's what he called it. Again BS. I went to SPEC and they are willing to have an RMA done if I can prove there is a problem with the actual clutch. That means taking the whole this back to Steeda again. 5.5 hour drive each way and leaving my car there until it gets resolved. My next choice will be to bite the bullet and have another clutch installed. Not fun........not a good experience.
  4. Thanks GT500FLYBOY. I'll now wait and see how many others respond. I've also ask SPEC technical to respond. I know Shelby Performance Parts sells the same clutch, be curious to see if anything comes back from them as well. SUre nice to hear I'm not alone. Question will be, what to do about it.
  5. 2007 GT500 factory clutch was slipping. Had a new Spec Super Twin clutch installed. Now I have a very unfortunate vibration on deceleration. It seems to be worse at higher speeds. Took the car back to the install technician and he told me it's normal for that clutch. He called it torque down. I'm not buying the story. Is there anyone out there with a Super Twin clutch with the same issues or is the story a load of bunk? The vibration is not constant and rarely happens on acceleration. In 6th at around 2000rpm, it seems smooth. If I shift down to 5th and decelerate, the whole car shakes. If I depress the clutch pedal, it all goes away. Look forward to hearing from you guys and gals. soniam
  6. See you May 9th. I enjoyed last year too.
  7. soniam

    CC to Dearborn

    Soory I missed it.
  8. soniam

    CC to Dearborn

    I'll be joining you guys for the ride back to Canada on Saturday after the day. Sorry I was unable to make the entire event. Just like last year, I'm still game for Saturday. Have a fun time... OOPS you're all Canadian, of course you'll have a great time. soniam (Dan)
  9. soniam

    CC to Dearborn

    Gotta love all this enthusiasm!! Sorry I can't make the trip down on the Wednesday, I can only attend the event on Saturday, like last year. I will be driving back to Ottawa on Saturday, hopefully with some of you guys, like last year. I know I won't be able to keep up with Shelby08 this year, or should I say ShelbySS. soniam
  10. Sorry Guys: my previous post was misleading. The plate bending option was on my GT500 not my GT. Stump Breaker is right on the money. No bending on my GT.
  11. We have the same silly law in Ontario. I've been stopped 3 times. 3rd time was my last warning. I have managed to fit the front plate dead centre under the front bumper. I needed to bend the lower portion of the plate to a 90 degree angle about 1.25 inches. Then the plate slides nicely between the lower skirt and plastic grill. Using the top two holes on the plate, I tie stapped it with black nylon ties, cropped the ends and it was solid. For winter storage I cut the ties and remove the plate. ZERO damage. I hope this helps. OH, it looks o.k. too and I haven't been stopped since. DON'T DRILL!!
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