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  1. Robert & Sharon keep making these Membership renewal packages better & better each year! I was exstatic to say the least with all the great merchandise included. My only complaint is that the window decal has a small crease in it. I am afraid to apply it; as I had the same problem last year. We had 2 then, but only 1 this year. Not sure how to apply this year's edition; as last year I ended up using both during Show season, as they didn't stay on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated; as well as where I can get areplacement for both years. I like to keep the ride current; & take Pride in my Membership. My favorite items are the new Team pin & matching key chain. It is a cool way to very incospicuously show who we are. Once again a hearty thanks to Robert, Sharon; & everyone of our Club! Best Always! Coach
  2. Thanks much! I repeated the feat this year also. however they didn't take formal pictures as it was a blustery day.
  3. It truly is sad & a sign of the times. I work for the #2 Home Improvement Store in the U.S. Our sales havebegun a downturn just this week. Here in PA. ; it is a combination of a damp rainy spring, & the rising price of gasoline. I have also seen a string of cancellations to cruises, & Car Shows. May God bless our nation; & restore better times to us all...-Coach
  4. Thank you for your continued service! My Daughter leaves for her 2nd. tour; a week from Monday. She was the 1st. Aircraft Structural Mechanic in HSC-84-"The Redwolves". They support thee Navy Seals..She also will be at Camp Anaconda. God bless you & all the fine Men & Women laying it out everyday; so we can be free! Best Regards! Coach :bowdown:
  5. It is indeed a nice ride. It is well deserving of many wins...
  6. You also have a beutiful ride.-Coach
  7. Thank you Sir. You also have a splendid ride! California holds a special place in my heart; as I am friends with many of the old Oakland Raiders & Al Davis.-Coach
  8. We shall try uploading the photo again. The site didn't take it the first time.
  9. Thought you all would like to see my interpretation of the CS-6. I placed "Best in Class" 2000-2008 at the Eastern Pennsylvania Antique & Classic Car Show on 3 Aug. 2008.
  10. Welcome HOME & Thank You! My Daughter will be heading back all too soon... Best Regards! Coach
  11. Isn't Life grand? With all the rates falling; & the rebates coming. Shelbys are going to be selling ... Kinda makes me excited. Only thing better then this; will be my Daughter's safe return from Iraq on Sunday.
  12. I got in last July at .36. I am in a stock/savings plan for Lowe's Employees. I put money into it; & twice a year they buy me Lowe's stock at 15% discount. It's like having a Christmas or vacation club that yields 15% Interest. I will then turn around & pull it to invest in CSBI. I hope someday if it evens hits $1, it will have proved to be a wise decision. B)
  13. Hi John! Do you still have those sill plates for sale? If you do, do you have any pix? Thanks for the read... Best Regards! Coach
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