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  1. They are like apples and butter. That's why i like the KR so much better than any of the other options. You guys say it handles better than a 500 and from what i read the SS is nothing but a tire smoker. Driving a Cobra makes you appreciate pure American brutwe force but also with Kirkhams' modern suspension handling allows you to enjoy the turns as well.
  2. Kirkham Cobra for sale (KMP 248) brushed aluminum body with polished stripes pin drive wheels with "Billboard" tires. wheel have been refinished to look like magnesium interior typical to original Cobra. leather wrapped dash, Autometer "Smith look" gauges 427 sideoiler (cast iron 65 block) built by Holman Moody C5AE-F hi po medium riser heads blue thunder intake w/ Holley "LeMAns" carb H/M custom ground cam (they do not buy manufactured cams, they cut their own) forged 427 crank toploader 4 spd jag rear, 3:54 posi Halogen system 1976 miles, Cobra was complete in 2006 North Carolina title as 1965 Kirkham with KMP 248 as the VIN $92k Contact information Robbie Nunn robbien (at) jsclark (dot) com (336) 215-2533 driver side.pdf
  3. I am looking for the opportunity to trade my Kirkham Cobra for a KR. Now that we have 3 people in the family my car is never driven. The KR seems to be the best of both worlds, all the KR owners on here seem to all have positive comments plus you get modern luxuries which my wife would really like now. Anyway, if you know of someone that might have an interest please give them my contact information below. Quick outline of my kirkham brushed aluminum body with polised stripes cast 427 sideoiler built by Holman Moody, with a lot of NOS Ford parts drivetrain, suspension and brakes installed by Holman Moody as well 4spd, jag rear interior just like original Cobra 1976 miles, completed in 2006 North Carolina title as 1965 Kirkham Just want to clarify one thing. Not an even trade for a KR but a KR plus cash. I'm asking $92k for mine and i would pay up to $60k for a KR which seems to be what everyone says they are worth. Thanks, Robbie 336-215-2533 cell phone robbien (at) jsclark (dot) com driver side.pdf driver side.pdf
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