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  1. You just recently sold your SGT to my coworker, Craig Bearb. He can't wait to get it on his car. I purchase my white SGT about a year before him. He is a big ford fan and after seeing me in mine, he found a low mileage black one in Dallas that he couldn't pass up so I hauled him up there to buy it. I noticed a white SGT for sale down in Florida and I was wondering if you can give me any information on it at all? I am thinking about selling mine and buying the "SC" if all check...

  2. Actually in 1966, 17 Shelby GT350's were built with Paxton SC's. I don't know if that Hertz car came from the factory with the SC. Most SC's were installed by owners or dealers. In 2007, there were 47 factory installed Paxton SC's. Don't quote me on the exact number, but I think I'm close.
  3. About time you 2 signed up. Glad you didn't wait tll the last minute. LOL I'll have to give Ron another reminder. See you on the 10th!
  4. Unfortunately the vice squads of Snohomish and King counties busted the good ones. They weren't just selling coffee. LOL
  5. I called Bill tonight and he IS attending dinner. He's not sure how he got the line through it, he couldn't remove it, but he is going. Now if we could just get Chris L , Ray B an Ron W to sign up!!!!! Going to another show this weekend to try and recruit more.
  6. Biggest show in the Northwest!!! July 18-21, all things Mustang. For you track guys, 200.00, hard to beat. http://www.mustangsnorthwest.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=92&Itemid=622
  7. First meet up is Lynnwood P & R, http://maps.google.c...ved=0CAQQkQMwAQ. We will leave there about 6:30-6:45. Second meet up is the Tacoma Mall. Sears parking lot facing I-5. We should be there by 7:30ish. There is a Krispy Kreme to get food, coffee and restroom. We should leave by 8:00. We will have another potty break @Exit 52 - Toutle River Rest Area. I have cell numbers for most of the regulars to this cruise, so if this is your first time please PM me with yours so I can add you to my contact list. Please post up so I can see who's going and where you will be meeting up at. If you are not going to be @one of the main pick up spots you need to let me know what exit # you will be waiting at so I can give you a heads up call. This is a very fun event that we look forward to every year. Rob and Tana put a lot of time and energy in to this. We look forward to seeing everyone again. Hopefully the weather will be a little more accommodating this time around. One more thing....If anyone has a radio please bring them. We will be using Ch. 5. If you have any questions please PM me or call me @206-498-3224. The more the merrier!!!
  8. Those look pretty good for a white car. Maybe I should jump on ebay. LOL Going to Mexico to get some new idea's on wheels. 26's maybe? LOL
  9. Now that I've just bought the hood.......please tell me that they come the screens. I need another hood for this car like I need another hole in my head. LOL
  10. It sounds like this is nothing more than a modified GT500. Unless it has a CSM#, it's just another modified GT500. If it was an "09 SS, then I might consider it. Why don't you just drive your car for the summer then send it back to Shelby during the winter, when you probably won't be driving it anyway. There's always the option of picking it up during the bash.
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