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  1. I've got a 40th anniversary convertible, red with a black top, standard 40th upgrade package and no modifications added to that. My rear tires continually get into the rear quarters when I hit a bump in the road. Mostly when I have a passenger in the car. Is there an adjustment to stiffen the rear end up or raise the rear end up a little? I'm running Michelin tires now because they were a little narrower than anything else I saw. Any suggestions on how to remedy this is appreciated! Chris
  2. I would join this club. 07XL0042 Torch Red Convertible Chris
  3. I want to find out the typical details about my car, like what number in sequence is my red convertible out of how many built and that sort of thing. I think you get that information from SVT. What is the contact information. What information will they give you and should I ask for anything specific? Thanks for any info, Chris
  4. I got my car back today and the Shelby Letters were in the console. The car looks very good. I've filed a claim with UPS for $700 for the 3 wheels that are damaged. I figured thats enough to buy 3 wheels and have them mounted. Hopefully the claim is honored. Maybe SAI will do something about the items, I hope so. Chris
  5. I did get the driver to not the damage to the obvious parts and write it on the ticket with the claim or refernece number. Then I signed it and got a copy. I told him the wheels were worth $3500. I have no idea what they are worth but he wrote that on the ticket also. Adrienne has told me that shipping uses packing material and shrink wraps the whole pallet, also said they secure the wheels to the pallet. She also told me she strongly suggests that I file a claim with UPS. I insisted that SAI be involved with the claim and asked for all documentation. Also asked again for declared value, insurance etc. Awaiting a response. Chris
  6. I hope everything works out too. I understand what your saying about the parts and I agree. I will never put them back on either. I am into originality though. All my cars are very original and I keep everything I can. Some of the cars have more value because of that. I'm most upset with the wheels. The rockers are just plastic. The suspension and exhaust go under the car. What if I wanted to sell this stuff to recoup some of the cost. Those wheels are not worth 50% of what I could have gotten for them now. Down the road 40 years, these pieces with inspection marks and assembly marks are going to be worth some money. There are many different angles to this. I just can't believe that since I did not call and make demands (should have) that my property was not handled in a professional manner. It looks to me like its up to the installers to deal with the Take Off Parts and no one is really in charge of getting this stuff ready to ship. It was all just tossed into the boxes that the purchased items came out of and set on a pallet. Not good enough for a $13000 agreement! I'm not down on SAI. I just hope they fix the problem in T.O.P. shipping and compensate me for my loses which are ligit. Hopefully they have a declared value and or insurance with UPS. I feel the wheels are the fault of UPS and the rest is the responsibility of SAI for not using common sense when it comes to packaging. The sill plates were not damaged during removal. If you look close at the pictures they are bent exactly alike. They were stuck together one on top of the other in a box with a bunch of loose nuts and bolts and the lug nuts. They were bent in the box stuck together exactly the same. Thanks and I'll keep you posted. Chris
  7. I assume I'm missing the heat exchangers too. I contacted Adrienne and she said she'd see what she could do and have my emails forwarded to the right places. I want to know what was the declared value and what insurance applies. The worst part is I paid $500 for the shipping service. Chris
  8. I thought that might be the case with the cobra. Dont know about the letters. And now that you mention it my hood vents are not here either. Did you take any action or your issues? Chris
  9. I received my take off parts from SAI today. What I received was a pile of junk! One of my wheels had fell off of the pallet (they were just sitting on it, not secured or protected). Here is what my door sill plates look like now. My rockers look like this now. And that is exactly how the box looked when it arrived. There is no packing and the rockers were in there with all the suspension parts. One of the mufflers had evacuated the box or should I say the remains of the box, it was laying on the floor of the truck. There was no packing and all this stuff is scratched up. I would like all my stuff to look like it had 2K miles on it. How about some packing! The Shelby letters are gone. I think it was all pilfered also. Three items missing from this package. A close up of the rockers. I'm not sure what happened to this and is this the only one that should be here. And with my wheels not being secured and thrown back on the pallet only God knows how many times all look like this now. This spot is the worst of the 20 or so damaged spots leave my wheels looking like this now. I made the driver make not of the issues and call it in on the spot. I have also contacted SAI. What are my best courses of action to get my parts replaced. I'm an original freek and really wanted all of this stuff to be in tact and stored for whoever ends up with this car down the road one day. Hopefully one of my kids. Please advise me on the actions that I should take to resolve this. I feel sick! Chris
  10. Thanks ShelbyDude, I'll check into it tomorrow. I need to get back up to speed with this site. Chris
  11. In his add he tells what number his car was in the order of verts built. How does he know this?
  12. I detailed my car Saturday with the Zanio system. The claybar was actually the easiest step. Washed it twice with the claybar step between washes. Then on to two coats of 5 with a 6 between coats and finished up with the 2. Will add another coat of 2 this weekend. Its the best shine I've seen in a long time. My 2 cents, Chris
  13. Thank you "Evil", I turned him onto the site and will discuss this with him tomorrow. His dad makes him do it all on his own (but did buy him the truck) so I'm trying to steer him in the right direction. His mom did the exhaust for him so we'll look into the pullys and so on. Again Chris
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