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  1. :alien: UFOs are Real, 40th Anniversary GT500s Do Not Exist!!!:alien:
  2. Sharon, That's all I was asking. I do not think that SAI should have on going sales--it does devalue the brand and profitability. However, having 3 major sales a year makes good business sense. Thanks for the update and I will be buying some things. Regards. Stuart
  3. Robert, I understand. However, having 2-3 sale periods a year does not make one a discount retailer. It is what 99.999% of successful premium retailers do. IMHO, having 1 sale a year and declaring yourself a premium retailer is not a sound business practice--it's hubris. With respect. Stuart
  4. This has nothing to do with being a discount retailer. It is about being a good business. My 2 cents are that they really need a professional running business operations. Not car lovers who walked into a business role. SAI is sitting on a gold mine, they need to understand how to extract the surplus. Basics of running a profitable business venture. I just do not understand some of their ways of working.... Love the Product & People--do not understand their business model.
  5. I love the buck double.... Isn't it your stimulus plan!
  6. Might be a good idea for you to pick another name.... I've had this one for 4 years....
  7. Robert & Sharon.... Hello..... SPP has got to be one of the only Auto Aftermarket companies without a Christmas sale.... Trying to close the books early; do not like 4th qtr sales; what's up.... Stuart
  8. Steve, There are some really good deals on low mileage 07s out there today. Somone could buy one of those and get the last 40th package for half of what I and others paid!!! :fool: Stuart
  9. Robert/Sharon, I realize that you just had a Thanksgiving Sale at the Store; however, why would you not continue that sale or have a separate Christmas sale? Just does not make any sense to me. The Christmas holiday season is where most retailers make their money for the year; however, The Shelby Store has nothing. Will you have another sale this month? Thanks in advance.... I'll see you both in Vegas. Merry Christmas. Stuart
  10. Gregg, That's why I only have 1 share.... BTW, I am the one that convinced the give a share President to start offerring it on his website--1st Shelby Customer.... Stuart
  11. That's cheap! Try buying Stripes from SA, over $1,200....
  12. Guys, I hope no one is buying this stock for investment purposes... It's definately NOT investment grade. It's a penny stock. A novelty.... Hopefully, I do not upset anyone... Just stating my opinion. Stuart
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