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    Drive the wheels off wifes roush 05 stage 2, drive over everything with monster H2 when told mustang parts on back order!!! Criuse our 07 Shelby GT500

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  1. Can you join our Felt Shelby group and share your story?


  2. Still at loss of words till we know what happened. Jer never let his title stop his top notch service attitude. He would call you if you had problems get you in right direction!!! he helped and talked to me on phone like a gearhead and always appreciated you as a customer n friend!!! Wish you well in whatever you do in the future!!! You will be missed for sure.
  3. I just did mine and used and impact with no less than 500 torque 750 guns out there will take right off no problem. use a deep well impact 6 point to remove it makes much easier too!!! and not strip it.
  4. I finually got to install my set up, new radiator and intercooler with fans from C&R was easy to install for the most part. now how fail safe mode coming on when i put the add a fuse link in posotion 47. when I take back out and put fuse in stock way runs fine. I still havent heard the pump for intercooler come on either, any ideas?? not sure what to do or how to jump pump like they show on web. pain in the arsee.
  5. Thanks!!! i was looking for length. I found one at home depot for $4.00. will use to pull pulley on and use new bolt and torque down.
  6. I want to add install bolt for pulley install to my kit and buy local anyone know what size it is and how long?? Im guessing at least at 100mm long, the kit i got from autozone none of the bolts would reach in kit to reinstall pulley 08 style on my 07. i bought m10x1.5x7mm for removal kit worked great but need longer bolt to re install pulley {stock one}. i have it back on with cary kramps help but will do another pulley swap later and want bolt in my kit. thanks!!.
  7. Thats what im installing and but also have panhard relocation bracket cause of diff cover will these work together?? looks like bolt for panhard gonna be to short. What have u guys done for this??
  8. I have a carbon fiber radiator on order since june 11 2013. I would like to order more things but want to get first thing first and see how it goes. Have sent some emails no response from last week. Sure would like to get part its not painted.
  9. awesome thank you!!!! been looking all over and most sites want first born for info lol. Thanks again!!!! i do have brand new pulley and just got bolt to.
  10. Hi bought it from tasca but cant find the bolt torque spec for it , putting an 08 racing balancer on my 07 gt500 but finding lots of different answer, Im assuming 66 lbs. thanks for any help!!! shoud of done this mod long time ago and chop the 12 lbs off the crank!!!
  11. I got help with wife and we installed carbon fiber headliner in my 07 the last couple days. Wasnt to bad still gott tweek it a lil. Pics are in my gallery. I dont know how to post larger ones
  12. Waiting on couple parts to finish up install but love it!!!
  13. just a few stangs I've owned and played with till now,
  14. Ok will pass on to todd. I probably will go with same set up. He got his fuels off ebay. Blue anodized ones for a 2013 gt 500. They look like ones off shelby site. Thanks!!!!
  15. Friend bought new anonadized blue rails for his brand new shelby. Had a vmp super charger and tune done at Shelbyfest and needs to know if he needs new end caps and cross over lined for it and if so where to buy it. Thanks for help. He has adapter kit too.
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