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  1. Guys, We didn't have your business before this because you only buy stuff Shelby allows a snake to be put on, so I'm not loosing all too much here. I see many of you have our JLT Big Air Intake in your sig and I thank you, but Shelby actually copied that too over a year ago and Jer called telling me they would never bring it to market. Let's hear about that Jer... Hate me or my products, it's ok, all I'm doing is bringing to light how big names like Shelby and small names like SHR do business. They take parts from the innovators and either strong arm them to large discounts and add their name to it or they just knock it off and call it their own. You know that's the truth and not the first time you heard it... Trust me, I didn't get through 10 years of business with my parts on the fastest GT500's 5.0's and Cobras in the country because I don't know what I'm doing. I know for every one of you that post here you hate what I'm saying, 10 are sitting back saying "I can't believe what Shelby and SHR did" Most don't post, they lurk. As you can see Marcello can't answer any of my questions of exactness of the separators. More proof he's a good politician with his long winded posts, but when it comes down to facts of design he can't answer. Yes, I'm very happy with our sales and production runs and this has not hurt us one bit, but I will not allow these people to make money off my product and design, it's wrong! To be able to look at 2 parts with the same thread, size holes, design aspects not used and say they are different the only thing I can think of is either blind in the eye or the mind. THen take into account some think it's Okay? Wow, not what I'd expect from the most educated group in the Mustang world. Many of you are business man and owners and I'm willing to bet you'd fight for your business too. Thanks Jay
  2. LOL, some pretty blind people here, LOL Funny this is the only forum where people are throwing a blind eye to the facts and saying it's not the same or wrong. Hmm, same threads, same size, same holes to the .0001, same filter step, same shape, but it's not the same, bawawaaaaaaa Marcello, you should be proud of "your" separator, LOL. Teach the boy how to run a good honest business, good job! What a joke. Yes, I am name calling, because your a crook, non inventive, far from innovative and trying to defend copying a product and failing every where but the lions den. As you can see I'm not afraid to come in here and post the facts, but you shy away from all the other discussions where pages of honest peopl are calling you out. I banned your friend from my facebook page because he's a moron, posting things he knew nothing about. I'll argue with the best of them, but when you have ignorance on the other end no one wins. He thought he know about threads, but was wrong, he thought he knew facts about intakes, but was wrong, which is the case for you as well. Saying your "real" one is different is 100% false. I saw it when your customer came to our booth looking at ours asking why we use a filter. It's the same, just more bedazzeled with grooves, oohhh so inventive... We showed him how the parts interchanged and the over all guts were the same minus the filter. Answer why yours is the same in side, why the same size holes as mine? Why the step for the filter you don't use? Why not make the holes the same size? Why is are the threads the same as ours? And one last one, why are NO OTHER separators on the free market like this? Only mine and yours that came out years after?? Your a fraud, a cheat and a lier. Why are you not selling them on your web site? Because your trying to get other to sell them as private label. Good luck. BTW, I'm enjoying this. Oil Separator sales are up in the past 6 months, producing 650 per month and still running out, but I will keep up this fight just for the fun of it. You can have the few Shelby sales you'll get because it has a snake on it, but when more people see it lets more oil though than catches those will be up for sale soon enough. I love how you discredit my test and Bobs test, but show no tests of your own. Lots of sheep
  3. Funny how you show your head in the only place on earth that thinks it's ok to knock off a product. It's not over bud, you messed up and every will know it. Amazing you would even defend stealing like this. Funny, I saw this post just today on a non Shelby forum.
  4. Nice to see some educated thinkers here and not just mud slingers. Like I said, all our machine work is done by Metco Motorsports, so I can only tell you what I know and I know the threads are a custom design. The quote I posted is direct from them, but yet again, if you think I'm talking BS, anyone can get ours and Shelbys or SHRs and see they are exactly the same. As you see I have too much proof our product was knocked off by SHR for Shelby, if that's not a fact then they should tell you guys how the threads, size, shape and over all design is exactly the same minus our filters. They F'd up doing this and I will not roll over and let it go like some of you would like. Bottom line, they stole my design. A big company that makes cars for darn sake, took my part and told SHR to make it just a little different and that's wrong, period.
  5. Again, not a common thread in any form, but custom made by Metco Motorsports for us (JLT) The fact that Shelby's and SHR's are the same thread is proof the product is a 100% copy and such big companies should be embarressed to be caught doing such things. "We consider the threads on the JLT caps and cans to be special or ‘proprietary’ because they were developed exclusively for use on JLT oil separators. The thread is non-standard and it is not used anywhere else. The thread size is close to 1 ¾”, but it is not 1 ¾”, as a quick measurement of the major dimension would confirm. The pitch is between 11 and 12, so there is no pitch gauge that can properly identify these threads. A 1 ¾-12 fitting may partially thread onto a JLT cap or can, but the fit would be poor, as any experienced machinist would recognize." They were made this way due to the size of the parts and to make for easy and smooth operation. It's not like were can BS about this, all you need to do is use thread pitch gauges and see for yourself. I will note that all other separators on the market DO NOT use these threads, but use standard tread sizes, ONLY the JLT and now Shelby and SHR use them...
  6. Prove it! For one the Shelby 1000 has always ran JLT Oil Separators and Being the owner and designed of this separator I can tell you that no oil, let alone "SEVERAL TEASPOONS" were in the driver side after A dyno pull. We tell people all the time and post it on the web site, you will likely never see oil on the driver side, but so many GT500 people buy it for looks. For those not seeing the point after 36 pages, let me say it again. It's not about whos works better, which we have proved to be our original design, but it's about stealing. If you can look at the pictures and video and think they are NOT the same and a copy you can't be helped, but I can tell you most people are not so ignorant. SHR and SA know what they did was wrong and still refuse to give the public proof they work and proof they didn't just knock off the JLT. The fact that our threads are custom is enough for me, but there's so much more. Some machinest info on the threads: The fact that Shelby's and SHR's parts interchange with ours is PROOF. What do you have to say about that Jer and Marcello?
  7. Jer should explain in detail how it all went down, now that would be good info. No lies Jer, just the truth...
  8. We don't expect many of your to care, but it's our livelihood. It may seem petty, but to us it's not. Copy my hairstyle or buy the same wheels as me I'll be flattered, but copy my product to a tee and I'll out your a$$ to the public. No logical person can look at these facts, pictures and video and say what was done was ok. If you can you were not going to buy a JLT product before this went down. Enjoy your day. Jay
  9. I like playing in the lions den here, it's ok, but it's nice to see some here are not "Shelby blind" and I thank you. Also nice to see Richard spouting off with no facts like he is on my Youtube page. Let's clear things up Richard: Shelby never came to me to make them, fact. We will not roll over when copied, we will out the scum for all to see. Then you make the choice. Saying you gave my guy the closest to mine is just stupid and wrong. If you were smart you would give him the one that looks the least like mine. Also, what got me to do it was a customer came by the booth asking why we had a filter in ours. I explained and he pulled out yours, It was your full on "bedazzeled" JLT, dressed up on the out side, but all JLT on the inside. Lucky for me the guys from Metco (who makes our for us) were in the booth at the same time. We showed your customer how it was the same, the filter fit and the caps were interchangable. He walked away in discust. Your a fraud and a weak innovator. This part is easily modified and made different just like I show in the video. Only 3 look alike, ours, Shelbys and yours. Ours came first. If I were making a new separator I would do so many things different. The fact that you copied some flaws is just funny. Something you used to say about people who copied your door handles: "LOL, they even copied my mistake" You know as well as I and tons of others you did this and it will hurt you. You should have done something different, it would have been easier on you. You should be so proud for knocking off our product. Something to really teach the kid about. Can't beat'em, join'em boy As for the threads, call Metco and ask them about it. Our threads are custom and yours are the same, hmmm You can't get around facts Marcello, this didn't "just happen" Oh and something I didn't mention in the video. Dude, can't you make fittings that fit? Your fittings don't fit the hose, they are way too loose and they don't thread all the way in flush. I guess you didn't have our fittings to copy?? Saying you offered to make them for me has nothing to do with this, but let's talk about that. Your mad I never gave you work? Poor baby. I have honor and respect. I have Metco make all our aluminum products and that's it, end of story. I've had many offers to use other shops, but I'm loyal. So don't mislead the public like your the saint and offered to work together. I've bought, stocked and tried to sell your billet crap for years, still have door handles in stock I can't give away. Your a joke Marcello and I will make it clear to everyone what you did. Yes, we do sell thousands, just doubled production 2 months ago as a matter of fact, but this is fun. Outing copy cats to the public it fun.
  10. I guess no one here was taught right from wrong, just, take, copy and steal? Funny thing is the videos are getting seen by a ton and the feedback I'm getting is heavily negative toward what Shelby did, so it's good to hear. Like I said, I don't expect anyone on "this" forum to speak against the all mighty, but I will! You didn't provide squat. Show your customers video proof no filter is needed, how many times do we need to ask? Because it's not real world with rpm, temps and vacuum. It goes by what the human inputted in the computer. Yup, do it right, prove it This is funny: we intentionally did not copy your product Good try, by chance Shelby contracted you to make a separator, we sold them separators and it comes out the exact measurements as ours. Your good, but not that good. You copied my product, your someone who knocks off other peoples products. Like Isaid afew times, I'm glad you didn't copy it 100%, because if you did it would work just as good and it doesn't. We have been testing filters to improve our GT500 separator before this mess even came about. We always look at our products to see if we can improve on them, that's just good business. It also helps me know that no filter = no worky or at least no worky as goody, LOL See above, your company knocks off products others designed! This is funny too No name calling from me, maybe that's your conscience you hear. Hey, when is yours coming out, I need one to copy, er uh I mean test... LOL You can bet this isn't over and you will wish you never made the unit for Shelby as well as your bedazzled JLT copy Oh, enjoy your weekend everyone
  11. On and on and on, OMG I'm glad your bedazzled JLT separators doesn't use a filter either, it will be easy to discredit too. People need to be aware of how these things work and all you have to do is "think" about it. Also, don't try and fool these smart Shelby people here, every engine is different in the amount of oil it will put through the PCV system. You and Shelby still have not posted any videos of your product "working" You may see oil in there, but it's how much is getting by we want to know... We want to see the clear tank after yours to see how much is getting by. This is how we do our testing, we video miles and results. We've done this for 3-4 years now and even though it worked, we know what we need to improve our product even more. What's awesome is you didn't copy the entire thing exactly and I can thank you for that.In recent tests we found out why our 5.0 and other kits worked so well and the GT500 kit didn't work as good. This has allowed us to find the fix and new "filters" are being made now to make it collect oil 10x better. Why? Because filters are needed. To think I haven't ever tested my separator with no filter is a joke. I've tested different sizes, shapes, with and without and yours works the same, don't try and fool these members. Your copied JLT doesn't hold magic powers, I had it in my hand, measured it and tested it. It has no "by pass" it has a screen, period. Again, you should be ashamed that you took my product and copied it, that's something small comapnies do to large companies, not the other way around. Plus the fact that YOU have been copied in the past and cried to the world about it. Your's is a V6, here's our V6 test: 2011 GT: So, let's not "guess" how our products work in real world conditions and prove it. Oh and I'll say it yet again, Steve is 1-2 hours from you and offered to come to you to do a head to head, no interest?? Ok, now to start my day, I've got tons of oil separators to go out today
  12. Well, I agree and have posted tons of test videos online ( look for videos by Tucker1154) And I agree, about heat and vapors, but think about it. Finer oil vapors going through a separator with no filter media. Hmmm The finer the vapors the easier it is to pass through a screen, but when it's forced through a packed metal mesh filter it has tons of surface area to stop it, collect, grow and drop. That's the idea behind filters in separators Another thing to ponder, So far 2 tests have been done, both with similiar out comes. How is it that the Shelby unit doesn't work in a blow through test, doesn't work on a running engine going through a hot separator, but will work with hot vaporized oil? I have no question the results would be the same no matter the RPM, temp, driving conditions or whatever, this is a controled test and the 2nd time the Shebly unit failed easily. Again, this is why we need to ask for proof. In my opinion no matter how it's done the results should stack up in the same order, but we'll see on our next track outing Also, the oil in our test didn't run like a river, the valve was only slightly opened and I had a brass fitting on top with a reducing hole in it, only .100 in size. So oil was dripping into hot engine PCV air and going into a hot separator. I had run several tests before this video, so you can bet everything was up to operating temp, not cold. These tests are the only way to test without taking a year to do it, so it's as close to real world as possible and easily repeated. Just get a clear water separator and plumb it in after your Shelby unit to see how much oil is getting through, it's easy and you'll be surprised.
  13. Thank you and this was with the proto type filter which we should have out in July.
  14. Wow, tough crowd here Look, you don't have to like me or agree with me, just don't be sheep and follow the leader because they tell you something works If you can look at two products that are exactly the same measurements and say they are different I can't help you, that's just silly. What you can do is ask for proof a product works. Ask Marcello to show you how it was tested and how they get the results. Ask Jer for his testing results Ask Shelby for results Not just a screen shot of a computer generated graphic because that's not real world, actual results. You know, like video documentation, pictures, oil measured at set miles driven. Like we have tons of on our web site and Youtube page. Again, you don't have to like me or how I conduct business, but when someone messes with my business you can bet I'll speak up. I'm a small business and will fight for it and I don't understand or at least can't comprehend the idea of letting it go when someone copies your product. Doesn't makes an ounce of cense to me, sorry Anyway, those of you looking to buy this because it has a CS or a Snake on it really should ask for proof it works. We conducted our own personal test and am very surprised they put it on the market. This is the second test showing the same results, I think you deserve an explanation and proof they actually tested it. Not, "I drove xxx miles and collected a teaspoon of oil" I mean a harsh serious miles test or an extreme test like this: Now it's long, but you really should watch the entire thing. This test is very easy to do and easily repeated, so I suggest you check your separator for how much is getting past it, you'll be surprised. I know many of you will not watch it and post some negative comment bashing my business, that's fine, I know were not getting an order from a few of you, but the majority who watch this will want to know why Shelby didn't just copy the entire JLT. Marcello and Jer, the offers have been put out there, Steve offered to drive to SHR and test them head to head how ever you see fit, but you seem to be brushing that off. Your customers deserve to know how it stacks up.
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