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  1. Agree great show. Anyone know if it will show again I need to record it
  2. I'm there .Leaving Fri AM Mike SuperSnake
  3. Hey FIA I'm very interested Ive got the white Super Snake from long island Gary knows me PM me with the particulars
  4. If cars are brought in to the team shelby area on fri can they be safely left there for the three days. Will there be over night security
  5. Correct ! And neither is the SS clone
  6. I just bought a Rolex Daytona clone on Canal Street in New York City-just as good as an original
  7. Got a call from Carl Jr first thing this am and we discussed all my concerns in detail. He really impressed me as someone who was committed to maintaining good customer service and going the extra mile to satisfy a customer . After hearing my concerns he offered no excuses but did offer some realistic solutions which were very agreeable to me. I feel very confident he will follow through . I strongly recommend that if anyone is having an issue they contact Carl directly and discuss it. Just keep it civil. Thanks again Carl
  8. Hey Budman Great to hear from you! How is everything going?
  9. Carl , I really appreciate your voiced concern and am truly hopeful you can offer me some meaningful assistance. During the past two years I have spent over $40,000 on a Super Snake conversion and numerous upgrades at Tasca. I have been extremely frustrated by customer service and a seeming lack of quality control on work completed all of which I will outline in detail in a PM to you shortly. I have always had extremely high regard for Tasca and always felt that Bob Sr was a true professional. I even have his signature on my dashboard. In spite of various issues I have always given Dennis the benefit of the doubt and consistently defended him on this forum. However something has been lost. I have always avoided piling on in situations like this and have always tried to take the high road, however I really need your help. I will detail my particulars in my PM thanks in advance for your help
  10. The problem is Tom's Shelby is not running and even when it was running it was SLOW
  11. Thanks. I ws hoping that was the case
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