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  1. On a 68 the Pony lights up for high beam. Randy
  2. Al: The car looks great! What did you do with the other chrome rims? Now all you need is a red 68 Shelby convertible to go with it. Better come down and look at it, You know I don't sell junk. Be safe! Randy
  3. Get ready for a charge to view! Just like certificate for your car...$45 and they will send you, your own information.
  4. Nothing here! This is a joke! So much for electronic newsletters. If someone can email rmcevers@verizon.net Thanks!
  5. Once someone paid for Carroll Signature, it now belongs to the new owner and Shelby has no futher legal rights to it. Same way with the cars he sold once he took the cash , the title is transfered and he no longer has any right to that car or its history.
  6. Hi Silvercat: Welcome to the forum. For vintage type Shelby questions, you may get a faster reply on Shelbyforums.com or Saac.com. It seems most members on this forum our experts on the S197 style todays Mustang. I'm more of a vintage guy, but small block, not big block. Good luck. Randy
  7. Hi Al: Going for all the horsepower! Be careful my friend. Did you find a vintage Shelby yet! Randy
  8. If I remember correctly none of the Chrome Razors have the Shelby mark on the spoke. When you complain about SPP, it is a direct link to SAI since it is their parts group. Being out of stock is nothing new to SAI or SPP. IMO too many new parts being offered without proper supply, equals unhappy customers and lost sales to other shops.
  9. Your right about one thing...Lawyers equals lots of money. But they only get that money if they have CLIENT! This is a no win situation for either club!
  10. They look like a form of mini-lites from the Sunbeam Tiger or Alpine. They are not for a GT 350 or GT 500. Since they are a 4 bolt wheel.
  11. Yes it was done in Texas, I bought from a gentleman in Tyler, Texas.
  12. Hi I need to see about changing screen name or to register again under a new name.
  13. No I didn't buy the 07 GT 500 thinking that it would be a collectors car..... in my lifetime anyway! Sold it and my 70 Gt350 fastback because I found a nice 68 GT350 convertible to purchase. 1 of 404 made. I never stated the new Model Shelby wasn't a nice car!
  14. Sure that is fine. The title just makes it sound like something was just uncovered. Charley has the one and only GT500 Super Snake known to exist. There is too many vintage Mustangs being advertized as Shelby's these days, that is why SAAC/ Shelby records are so important to those of us that have a vintage Shelbys. I have owned both the new GT500 and vintage Shelby's. And I can tell you the New model Shelby owners have a hard time understanding the importance of maintaining the pedigree records of the vintage cars. I sold the 07 GT 500, not because it isn't a great car, because it really is. I sold it because there is way to many models and production volumes of these being made. Shelby Gt500,Shelby Gt500 convert., Hertz, Hertz convert., Shelby GT, Shelby GT convert., the Barrett Jackson edition, Super Snake edition, 40th edition. When it it all over the production numbers will be 20000+
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