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  1. Mine trips when pressures are fine...and the ABS light is on too. It does say fault, not just a low pressure light on when pressures are low.
  2. I have had this problem intermittently as well. I get a message on the screen on the dash that says TPMS fault and my ABS light comes on If I remember correctly but I haven’t been able to diagnose or resolve the issue. Hopefully somebody here has the answer
  3. Dont really want to modify my KR too much and I know TVS is the way to go, but has anyone done a tune only that could easily be flashed back to stock? Any noticeable gains if so?
  4. I've been looking for one of these too. Maybe someone ended up with a handful that they want to sell?
  5. Glass roof is my very favorite option. I waffled on it when putting my order together, but in the end it was the best decision of all. Living in Texas, I can tell you that it is no hotter than my cars with no glass roof. Never heard of one leaking either (because it is solid, to the points made earlier). 100% recommend it!
  6. In my opinion, it is all three of those things and it is also a Ford and a Mustang (even though it doesn't say the word mustang anywhere either). Regardless of any official naming, the fender badges indicate that it is Cobra powered, which also follows it's legacy. And my license plate puts the word on it. I say call it whatever you want....it's yours.
  7. My opinion is that it made the blower whine only very slightly louder. No discernable performance gain. Worth it? Probably not but I really like to hear the blower whine so even the small increase in sound was something. My 08 whines like I want it to.
  8. I haven't seen that many KR shirts overall and even fewer that I really liked, but the one your wife found is one of my favorites....I wish I could find a couple somewhere. If anyone knows of any, I'd sure appreciate the info.
  9. That's what I will do then....Although I do like the finish of the 13 better, I like Mr. Shelby's actual signature the best.
  10. This is what I'd like to do since the Man signed my '12 cover...I now want it on my 13. Is it possible to swap the rest of the pieces to match the 12 finish? Does anyone know if it is a direct fit?
  11. Exhaust leaks often sound like a rattle...any chance you have something not married correctly or not tight enough?
  12. Click on the media button then click the source button. It defaults to "line in" bit push it once and it will go to bluetooth
  13. I guess it all comes down to what you want to do with the car. If you plan to track it much, I agree that suspension mods, more meat on the tires and a few more ponies would be the ticket. For a street car, I am leaving it as is.....it's seems strange for me to even to type that, but it's true.
  14. I am fortunate enough to have owned over 20 mustangs, 10 of which were SVT Cobra/Shelbys. I've always had the mod bug and usually never consider the car "finished". This 2013, however, is different. I've done a few things, (air silencer delete, hydraulic hood lifts, oil separator, cat back exhaust, window tint, rear-view mirror radar detector mount ) but I am honestly so happy with the car, I don't think I will be doing much else. The possibility for a pulley and tune is always there and I am sure there may be a few other mods I will run across in the future, but I just don't feel the need to do much else to it, which is so different for cars that I've owned in the past. Anyone else feeling this way? Or are there a bunch of awesome, must-do mods out there that I am just missing out on?
  15. citysound, can you post some more info on that harness you mentioned?
  16. I've used both and just had better luck with Deltran Battery Tenders.
  17. So true....and I think that is because Mustangs (don't kill me for saying this), to the untrained eye, don't look massively different from a V6 to a GT500. A Raptor, however, looks like nothing else on the road. It's unmistakable.
  18. +1 I traded an eco boost for the raptor...best decision I could have made!! Night and DAY!!
  19. Deltran Battery Tender. The only one I'd recommend
  20. I have to add my 2 cents as well, the raptor is simply the best truck I've ever owned....and I have owned many. the only complaint is gas mileage, but you cant have it all. You won't regret getting this thing, I have owned mine for about 3 years now and still love it like it was brand new.
  21. Nice!!!! My raptor and KR Play pretty well together too.
  22. Well that's the biggie...dealbreaker.
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