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  1. For those that can appreciate the term 'open book' you are seeing it in Rob. Rob will post to complete strangers things in his life that are not flattering - with one belief, that we can learn from his experiences. Congratulations Rob; in my case my father has been sober for 40 years. It is a long, long, road. Awesome testimony! Thank you! Congratulations to you and Chris. rich
  2. Rob, Congratulations! You are testimony to what a good man can and should be. It's an honor to know you and to have the pleasure of meeting you personally. Thank you again for sharing so much on this site and for your help with my questions over the years. Tana, congratulations to you as well, (he wouldn't be Rob without you). God Bless! rich
  3. Recently I met with Steve of Show Car Detail for some 'hands on' detailing instruction. Steve demonstrated the correct application and use of his products and demonstrated his techniques during the detail process. He covered everything from the correct way to wash the car, dry the car, using clay, porter cable, polish, glaze and wax. He would then watch and correct my attempts to do exactly as he had shown me. Prior to this there was only so much I could learn by reading. Steve pointed out many small, didn't give it a thought, type of mistakes I was making by observing what I did. He would explain what I was doing wrong and why. He provided tips such as checking the detailing towel before each use (once back home I checked each one and found two that had tiny pieces of the clear plastic hang tag material embedded in them) using grit guards, using two wash buckets-two wash mitts- two drying towels (one each for the top of the car, one each for the bottom of the car). The entire time of the class is filled with professional advise and instruction. Some of you guys have got this down, me it's a learning process because I had never detailed in the professional way that Steve teaches. I highly recommend anyone that's considering taking the instruction to do it, you'll be surprised at the techniques that really make a difference. Recently someone mentioned Steve is a wizard with black. It is absolute truth. His personal vehicle is a black Shelby that is a daily driver yet it looks awesome. Before leaving I purchased a number of his products that I had learned of from members on this site. All do an awesome job and are just as great as you guys said they would be. Give Show Car a shout, Steve is gracious with questions about his products and just as gracious with questions about detailing. No pictures guys, I'm currently practicing on the wife's car and on my daily driver before I take on our black GT500 (some more great advise from Steve!)
  4. Personally I see it differently. Cobra Dee asked for advice. He also offered to respond to anybody that sent a PM. I did so and he responded. Regrettably the subject was not B.S. A concern of two TS members that know the vendor, and have had numerous conversations and business dealings with him, was to be given an opportunity to contact him and try to help resolve the issue before posting the company name. The vendor has had quite a few customers on this forum and has had an excellent reputation for customer service prior to this. It was his prior reputation that bought the 24 hours, again with the hope that it could be worked out for ALL customers before it really hit the fan. Calls to his business phone go unanswered, e-mails are bounced back with 'office closed due to family emergency' and the hope was there could be resolution of some kind. The people that know him best have been unable to reach him and therefore Cobra Dee did provide the vendor name. Once again, he asked for advise and was asked for additional time to intercede by members that know the man and didn't understand how his business had taken this course.
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  6. We are all blessed to have had Sergeant Coleman watching our backs. Lets show the gratitude that he deserves by participating in a big way! TS members, PLEASE support this auction and these vendors. It speaks volumes about them to make this type of commitment in support of the Coleman family.
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