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  1. I'll make it with the Shelby and my buddy will bring my Raptor so count me in for two!
  2. Well it stayed quiet until I went to a sticky track then I had some noise which didn't go away. So I went to a dealer in my area which has a super tech guy and got him to put a new set in. Was very quiet until I went to the track. Go figure. Ford replace them under warranty but they won't do it again because they know I track my car. I'm going to run 1,000 miles before I go to the track and see what happens. I just may have to install sound deadening material because I won't stop going to the track. The noise is not bad driving around home but I went for a 1,700 mile trip and had just about enough of the noise and that I is why I took it back to the dealer and got them replace under warranty. If all fails I'll buy a 9" or something.
  3. No specific torque since when tightening the pinion nut it also crushes the sleeve. Take an inch pound reading before you remove the nut and flange and tighten it back up until you get the same reading. If you overthighten your crush sleeve will have to be replaced. Normally the reading should be around 12-20 in/lbs (check the manual) but since everything is still assembled the reading will need to be way above that spec since you are turning the wheels including brake pads drag. Good luck.
  4. I may be in Saturday for the breakfast and ride. I only live 1 hour away.
  5. I have 305/40/18 and fit nice under my 2007 GT500. The car is also lowered. Technically the rims are a little too narrow according to the tire specs but they fit fine in my opinion. I do have an adjustable panhard.
  6. Check if it is charging. It should be around 14-14.5 volts.
  7. Shelby3

    Car Shows

    I probably won't show but may stroll around town. Are you going?
  8. That is what I'm using. Much better that original pads.
  9. Patience is the key and the fact that I have other vehicles and don't need to go to work, LOL!
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