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  1. It looks like Bangastang has shut its doors. The website is no longer active. Does anyone have any more info? Cobra Dee have you heard anything ?
  2. How do we know Jer was lied to? Because Jer says? I am sure he did something to warren this termination. I doubt he was told the position was being eliminated he just stated that to save face . Shelby will survive without Jer He isn't gong to come on here and tell truth about what really happened. If he wants to he can issue a Jer press release. When you start writing your own PR you start believing it
  3. For those of you that think SAI is going out of business because Jer is gone, how stupid is that? The place survived before him and will survive after him. Only he and SAI know why he left and I guarantee that he isn't going to come on to this forum and tell us why. I don't wish anyone to lose there job but he isn't there anymore and life will go on at SAI. Jer is gone and he ain't coming back to SAI. Time to move on !!! I suspect all of you saying you won't buy parts from there will be back to buying from SAI. I consider Bud Mahoney the greatest of all to hold that job and he got screwed over. He didn't come n the forum and go on and on. Bud was and is a friend and I have been back to buy parts from SAI just like the rest of you will
  4. Agreed with post 284. Let's drop it now. What's done is done
  5. Bud Mahoney was the best. He got Sorelled out of Shelby. The company is still in business. Jer is now gone. Whatever the reasons for his departure are known only to jim and SAI. I am sure there is a lot more here then we will ever know. We mostly knew Jer from parts orders etc. just because you got your parts quickly etc like you should have in the first place doesn't make someone anymore then good at his job doesn't as one post did get him compared to Carroll. I guarantee you that Akos with his background was not a cheap hire. With his extensive background in engineering etc he probably can take on a lot more of what's needed getting parts to market. There is a reason that this happened and we will never really know what the reasons are and we shouldn't know. Start looking at the whole picture before you start posting the how could they etc. also one last thing a press release is something that's sent to the media not to the customer base. Jer. You will be fine. You have excellent customer skills and a loyal following. If you want to pm me a general resume I will see if any body out my way is looking for a good hire. Time to move on
  6. I will ad one more thing to this.My uncle Thodore worked for Ford for 26 years until his job was eliminated in the Ford blood letting in around 2006 and 7 if I remember correctly. This man bled blue like we all do. As a family we were incensed and comments of I will never buy another Ford were said by a few of us including me . My uncle angrily said to knock that kind of talk off . He said Ford Mtr co has been good to this family and provided for the lifestyle in which they lived. He went the next day and bought my aunt a fusion to show his commitment to Ford. It's something I have never forgotten and never will. If my uncle was still alive and here he would post to keep buying from SA. It's not one person that makes a company. It's a team effort. One of the team is gone. Time to move on
  7. Welcome akos. I plan to order some parts next week. Let's all move on. There is more to this story then we will ever know. So we aren't going to deal w a co because they let someone go? That's a bunch of bs. Let's take are Shelby's out today and enjoy the day
  8. I agree with Mr Becker 100 percent. Mr Conway felt he needed to make a change with himself and Jer being the only ones who know what happened last week. Let's give Akos a chance to show us what his plans are. The naysayers will be naysayers but I suspect in time as seasons change you will be back to buying from SAI like I will
  9. This topic needs to be put to rest. I remember when Bud Mahoney got Roger Sorelled at SA. He was a friend to all of us. People lose their jobs everyday. It may not be right but again that's how it works. Jer I hope you find a new job as soon as your ready but all this belly aching from everybody about not buying from SA again is bs. I guess next time mgmt needs to let us decide what they do personnel wise.
  10. I am not taking sides here. It' wasn't Jers choice to leave but that's how it happened. SA has the right to hire or change personnel as they see fit. We may not like it but that's life . Jer if I were you spend some quality time with your family and don't read any of the posts here or post for a couple of weeks. We may not like what happened but SA will survive. We need to all go back to talkng about our Shelby's
  11. The wounded warrior family support org and the old colonel got sued for excepting donations intended for wounded Warrior foundation. It took a law suit to stop it. Real curious of how much of the 900k the colonel got last year for selling the Shelby wwf really went to helping the troops?
  12. For all the people who think Roger is so great, he tried and succeeded in a lot of cases of throwing a lot of people under the bus. There is a reason Bud left who was the guy that REALLY tried to take care of all of the customers. Customers who had spent thousands at SAI left rather then deal with Roger. The man was petty at best , and went out of his way to get rid of employees and others who tried to help all of us with our cars. No loss that he left. The bus he threw many under backed up and finally ran him over
  13. Please don't post things that you know are incorrect and act if your in the know!!!! There is nothing in the dlr order guide that was released today about the 14 car that has anything about the gt350. Either your being used as a puppet for someone or you just post crap and don't check your facts. Either way your 100 percent wrong. You should retract your post
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