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  1. Any pics of the cars in the warehouse would be appreciated. MIne is gonna be a simple one. Performance Blue with white vinyl stripes on the sides and over the top and the technology package. I wanted the heated and cooled seats. $78370.00 msrp. Finally gonna have one with an automatic tranny😊
  2. Well I tried to post a pic of the Blower Paper Weight that my Dealer gave me yesterday but its too large. Its a solid aluminum casting about 3.5" wide X 5.5" long and 1.25" tall and weighs a bunch. Felt on the bottom. They ere was also a coffee mug and GT500 Book. The swag has started. Wish there was a car to go with it. Still no ship date. Probably be cold when it gets here. Delivered just in time to put it away for the winter. Wayne 0444
  3. 0444 scheduled 10/23 and thru body shop and awaiting shipment I guess......we will see. Wayne
  4. I have purchased 08KR0893 Blk on Blk
  5. My condolences to his family.......we all have lost a forward thinker.......I grin every time I see his name on the rear of one of my cars.....in automotive numbers they are few and far between.....an we have the priviledge of keeping and driving them. Wnenn (4 Shelbys with one on the way)
  6. I had both scoops on my SGT's boted in place using some allen head machine screws and aircraft locking nuts underneath. Micro fasteners has all kinds. The stripes were repalced first then the scoop was put into place with 3M tape. We then drilled th hood in the places on the scoop. I had already pre countersunk the holes inthe scoop where the riviets go and touched up the silver paint. The shape of the screws we used fit down into the scoop and when we finished the small round allen head recess is very similiar to the hole in the middle of the rivet where the shank pulls out when the head deformes adn the shank breaks off. We used stainless steel hardware. Been on the car for three years and haven't had any issues with them. Wnenn
  7. I have Eforce kit number #0025 from Edelbrock installed on 08SGT0201 since April of 2009. Search and you'll find the pics. What a ride! Wnenn
  8. I put and Edlebrock E-Force on mine shortly after I got the car (08SGT0201). Siral on the kit was 00025. Will put up pics when I can find them. Wnenn in Missouri
  9. I too have the Edelbrock with a standard airbox and the 5 psi factory tune. It was kit number 25. Installed less the coil covers and with blue Ford valve covers and a Bullitt/v-6 brace. Wnenn
  10. I have to say I'm sorry and cannot type, please correct the entry for 0867 to 0857. I apologize for any grief this costs.......0857 sits next to 0201. thanks Wnenn
  11. 08SGT0867 (Automatic convert) is in St Louis sitting next to 08SGT0201(Orange 5spd coupe). WNenn
  12. Use the search function. It has been done. I used 2006 Freestyle driving lights installed along side the lower grille on my Convertible and behind the grille on my SGT-C. See the pictures. I had to use a repair harness to connect these light assemblies to the wiring of th ecar....cut off the ones that were there and solder on and shrink wrap the new ones. I used some stainless steel bolts and nylon stand off sfrom Lowe's to mount the light assemblies. I like the ones behind the grille. I wish both were like that. The intercooler for the supercharger didn't leave enough room to mount the lights like the vert. Wnenn
  13. 0857 is in Chestefield missouri Blue Auto Convertible. Wnenn
  14. Thank you for doing this......Wnenn
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