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  1. Hi all, been awhile, used to see z man just about everyday on the way home from work. Still have the 70’ Mach and 07, Gt500 The original ford clutch went out at 12000, the TSB clutch at 26000. Finally put in a McCloud RXT . No issues now at 63000. Looking forward to making some events again.
  2. Thanks for the Update, good show coming up at Del Co Comm. Coll. Oct.18th. Put on by the Historical Car Club of Pa. Everything from Stanley steamers on up ! Fun to get there early and watch it all cruise in . Check their web site for the specifics & show classes. Chris
  3. I'll try to make this one. Missed the last couple ! Was that you in your WRX I went by on rt 52 today in my Mach. ?
  4. Thanks Z , should be fun. Been about 15 years since we've been to the Islands !
  5. Crap, I even spelled it wrong.....never mind !...Missed it & yeah I'm still going to Antigua...lol
  6. I'll be in Antiqua that week, gonna have to miss this year!
  7. Very Nice !!!! Love that color combo as well !!
  8. I Agree, McCleod RXT has been the Best Clutch I've put in the 07' so far..(stock clutch toast @ 14,000, TSB Ford Clutch toast @ 32,000,) got 45,000 now with RXT, no issues.
  9. Great Matt, I'll look for you ! I'll have the White 07' GT-500. We have a big BBQ Fri. & Sat around 6:00 at the Homewood in the Cortyard near the pool that you are most definetly invited to !! Chris
  10. One week to go...going Thurs thru Sunday again this year !! Staying @ the Homewood Suites in Mechanicsburg with the Mach 1 Registry Clan! Great Host Hotel for any group !
  11. Yep. I rememember the Dealership telling me "This is the Last one we are allocated, they may not be making any more after the 2007 GT500"...." Oh, and we lowered our ADM to $15,000 down from $20,000".......Ouch...my butt is still sore from that one LOL !!
  12. . Gee, I was doing cart wheels getting 21mpg in the 07 gt500 driving back n forth from Pa to the 50th in Charlotte. Big improvement over the 70 Mach getting 12 with a tail wind !!!
  13. 2015 looks great. In person in my opinion still raining here....been eating lots of good BBQ. & washing it down with tasty beer choices!! Heading to the banquet dinner tonight ,then convoying back to pa with ray Sunday morning. Been a great time despite the crappy weather driving down on tues & the rain this morning. !!!
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