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  1. Agreed 100%, the ADM's some dealers still have on these is laughable, R models included.
  2. I ended up getting updated stripes from Tasca while my car was getting other work done, I got stickers again. Didn’t think I would, but mine were really dull and I just did it. If I had a shop I trusted for a reasonable price I would’ve painted.
  3. This guy looks like he is trying to make a Profit on a used Backdraft, you can get it new for less and pick your own options. Crazy.... Not to mention the New ones have significant upgrades.
  4. Wow that car looks so much better without Black Wheels, I still can not for the life of me understand why Ford only offers black wheels on the GT350 and GT500.
  5. I would take the GT500 all day long. And with the leftover money I can buy a VW GTI to drive on bad weather days.
  6. Be careful every single engine that’s blown up has had a custom tune, not worth the extra 20 HP in my opinion. That’s a very expensive 20 HP if or when it happens. It’s been a while but if you look at archives here you will see many blew their engines and every one of them had a custom tune because they wanted to get just a little bit more. I’m not aware of any with a KB or Whipple tune that blew their engine.
  7. I sent a PM, does the Fog Light kit come with the Bezels or do you have to order that as well? Thank you so much!!!
  8. The main issue I am speaking about is the Oil burning issue, lots of blown engines and/or engines needing replacement. Many folks have to go back and forth with Ford to get a new engine or not, personally I barely have time to enjoy my toys, the last thing I am going to do with my extra time is deal with a broken car. The other common complaint is the vibration, I know that would drive me crazy after a while. 15 years ago I would be all in, older now with Kids that play sports and such my priorities have changed, I have very little time for my cars.
  9. My Whipple 550 put down 496 RWHP, at the time Dennis from Tasca said that was very strong. Based on what I recall this is more then the KB, I chose the Whipple because I thought it was a more complete package, but they are both great.
  10. Just on Cargurus I show 94 within 150 miles of me, I consider that a lot, many have been for sale for well over a year. They range from over $5K off to some dumb ass dealers still having $10K ADM's on them. Personally I would find what I want in multiple dealers and negotiate them against each other, NO ONE is buying cars right now especially sports cars, you should be able to do better. I see 2020's for that price so I would expect at least another $1500 or so for the 2019. But personally I would buy the 2020 if the prices are that close.
  11. Nice looking wheels anything is better then the played out Black only choice, I can not think of any other car besides the GT500 and GT350 that only 1 choice of wheel, they do not even offer another finish or color of the same wheel, HUGE fail on fords part. The regular GT has 8 options...... Love the Orange with no stripes too!!!!
  12. My bet is this is just the beginning, pricing will only go down from here, but cars aren’t investments so if it is worth it to you go for it. There are tons of GT350’s on lots. I love the GT350, but I’m not willing to roll the dice on all the issues it has. I don’t have the time Or patience to deal with a car that has the issues that one has. Good Luck, if it were me I would pay more and get the Heritage Edition, that one in my opinion will have the best chance of holding its value in the future.
  13. I am guessing with the GT500 plus the oil issues they moved on. I wanted a GT350, but all the issues about oil and the car shaking/vibration scared me off. The New Heritage Edition is awesome!!! There are a ton of them sitting on lots, Ford dealers still adding ADM’s like ass clowns makes Ford think the demand isn’t there, unfortunately Ford Dealers do this more then any other car manufacturer I’m aware of.
  14. Welcome to the forum, I do not have a 2013, but based on my knowledge the person you are talking too has no idea what they are talking about......I would move on.
  15. That might drum up some buyers, they will still need to discount them. The issue is the New GT500 is much cheaper. Holy shnikees I just looked a few up, the 2019 Shelby GT Heritage is more expensive then the GT500 WITHOUT the Supercharger Option, $85K with NO Supercharger, that is absolutely INSANE.
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