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  1. Great idea about the steering wheel, I am just glad they finally went to a DCT.
  2. I just rented a Ford Edge that had the gear selector knob, once I got used to it I did not mind it at all. The GT500 has paddle shifters, you only have to turn the knob a few times every time you drive, I do not see what the big deal is. What makes the current automatic gear controller better? They serve the same purpose, they both put the car in drive, reverse, neutral, and park. One turns and the other goes forward and backward. As far as the Manual is concerned I used to be like many of you, when I had my manual 911-S they invited me to the Porsche Driving Event, after driving the PDK on the track my thought process changed immediately, that thing was absolutely amazing. If the DCT in the Mustang is even close some of you may change your thoughts on this subject too. DCT is the best of both worlds, it is a MUCH better Automatic and you can drive it like a manual as well. I love the changes Ford is making, they are finally catching up to the German Car companies!!!
  3. I don’t think brand new ones would go close to $10K, not that long ago you could get brand new or like new for $4-5K with tires.
  4. My pops just got his dream car, pretty cool, maybe after I drive it I’ll finally buy one myself.
  5. I love the 2018, congrats!!! These are really great cars at great values.
  6. I have been debating a new C7 for several years, either a Z06 or Grand Sport. I would’ve bought a C6 427 Vert but I was too afraid of the issues they were having with the engine back then. Back when I bought my Shelby I almost bought a 2004 Z06 Commeritive Edition.
  7. Well stated 👍 Funny I’ve been debating a Vette for many years, might make the plunge in the next year or so, see what happens.
  8. Funny that a Corvette Post has been the most active post in years on this Forum. It hasn’t stayed on subject, but is still humorous. Maybe the New GT500 will revive this forum.
  9. The pool people say that because they make huge money on maintenance. I’ve had a salt water pool for 4 years, between that and my Robot pool cleaner I do practically nothing. 4 years and I have not vacuumed it once, the robot is amazing!!! When we get a lot of sun I might add a gallon of bleach every other week, but I could just turn the salt generator up instead, the bleach works faster and it is very cheap so I just do that when the generator setting doesn’t keep up with sun burn off. My neighbor and I both got pools at the same time, her Pool builder said they shouldn’t get a Salt Generator, they have had a green pool multiple times. They got raked over the coals, the first question my builder asked was “Where are your utilities and natural gas line?”. That is where we put the equipment. Their pool builder put everything as far away from their utilities and gas line as possible, didn’t even take that into account, the gas line would’ve costs so much they decided to buy a huge propane tank to heat it, I would’ve been furious. Salt is the way to go in my opinion, I grew up with a chlorine pool, constantly playing around with chemicals instead of enjoying the pool is not my idea of fun 😉. One other huge benefit is you don’t get the chlorine smell or red eyes because you put in too much, none of that with Salt.
  10. Love the color!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Maybe I misunderstood but I can swear he said they changed the turbos to get that power, I am pretty sure it’s just a tune with a CAI. Also the tires are a HUGE downgrade, he says they are NEW All Terain, they aren’t AT, they are MT Mud Terrain. The KO2’s the stock truck comes with blow away the KM2’s or KM3’s. I had KM2’s on my Wrangler and changed them out after less then 1000 miles, they are absolutely awful compared to KO2’s or Duratracs. Even Jeepers can’t stand KM’s and a lot more Jeepers go Mudding then Raptor owners. That is absolutely the wrong tire for the intended use. I see about $15K worth of mods and $5k (that’s generous) of labor adding about $47K to the price of the truck.
  12. Go to the Raptor forum there is plenty of posts about the Suspension change done by Ford this year. Here is one at my local dealer, the last few they had sat for many years in their dealership, I’m guessing most check it out and buy a Regular Raptor. What exactly do you get for $50K? Seems like all cosmetic stuff. It is nice, but the Regular Raptor is what I would buy and I could add a fully loaded Mustang GT and still be lower then this. https://www.saratford.net/new/Ford/2019-Ford-F-150-agawam-ma-005de2a00a0e0ae7451db2d1a5403bd4.htm?searchDepth=2:574
  13. The ZL1 starts at $63K, I would think the 1LE would be in line with the GT500 Track Package pricing and the base ZL1 and GT500 would be comparable. Also I don’t think you can get the Automatic with the 1LE, can you? 1LE starts just at $70K, Ford starting the Base GT500 higher then that would be a mistake in my opinion. I was wrong on Z06, I can find them for under $75K, but not under $70K. It will be interesting to see how ADM’s workout, the ZL1 was discounted in less than a year.
  14. Any thoughts on MSRP? Z06’s can be had for under $70K, I don’t see how they can start much higher then that.
  15. I would say the old NSX looks better. See what happens!!
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