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  1. Judging by the enthusiasm about this car on the "Team Shelby" forum I would say the ADM's will not last long. The New Corvette subject has significantly more posts in one day then this new release has had since it was announced, and that is on this forum. Personally I am not surprised, it was to be expected, I also think they will learn fast that the demand for ADM's will wear out fast. Time will tell, but history shows that will be the case.
  2. I could not agree more. The 2 cars you mention are so much nicer then the GT500 it’s not even close. Anyone that pays that is foolish. Even the Audi R8, Lexus LC500, Jaguar S-Type, used Viper GTS, I can go on and on. You can’t sell a car, at least to me, over or even close to $100K with the fit and finish of the Mustang, I don’t care how powerful it is.
  3. Outstanding it’s crazy this is a Shelby forum and no one is even posting about this car. Congrats!!!!!
  4. Personally I don’t like the look of the CF Kit, that’s an easy option to leave off. Compared to the Supersnake it’s a Bargain, but that’s really apples/oranges. I’m thinking about it, I do think they nailed it.
  5. For the same amount of money I would buy a 2013/14 GT500 all day long. Just my 2 cents. As far as where it was built I will just speak for the Shelby GT/SC, back when I had mine completed Tasca got better reviews then SAI, things have changed significantly since then. I know there was a lot of friction because Tasca ran “Specials” that were significantly cheaper than SAI and they would also do any other mods you wanted at the same time, SAI was not open to doing so. With this type of work a Dyno should be included, Tasca did it at delivery, I thought that was awesome, SAI didn’t do them at all.
  6. Looks like $74K to start, I think that isn’t too bad, but I guess it depends on what options are stock. After looking more it looks like the one I would order would be around $80K, I would want the electronics package $3K, handling package $1500, and Carbon Dash $1000. Possibly the black top $695 instead of stripes and maybe the Recaro seats $1595. Last might be Twister Orange which adds $495. I guess that equals closer to $82K. PLEASE offer wheels that aren’t black, the black wheel craze is getting old fast... https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a28221698/2020-ford-shelby-gt500-msrp-options/
  7. Stiff competition at those prices, they better have real stitching on the dashboard and a higher build quality, this is Z06 money. Actually with the discounts on the Z06 this is priced higher. I can’t wait to see a production version.
  8. This might have me finally moving on from my Shelby GT/SC, but I’ll wait out the ADM’s. I thought about the GT350, but the Oil Issues aren’t something I want to deal with. I’m guessing $75K will get you a decent GT500, time will tell. Hopefully pricing comes soon. I’m loving this Car!!!!
  9. Go with KR you won’t regret it. Or pick up a used set of OEM, mine has been sitting in my basement for 9 years. Not sure I want to sell but someone has to have one for sale.
  10. Z-10, it doesn’t leave the glossy finish I got with Lexol and it actually brings back the New Leather smell. I was a Lexol only person until I tried this.
  11. Lexol is good, but I prefer Zaino Bros.
  12. Outstanding Rates in my opinion, I rent cars for work a lot so I typically use free rentals for trips, but if I had a local trip to an area that had these I would pay that for sure.
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