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  1. That might drum up some buyers, they will still need to discount them. The issue is the New GT500 is much cheaper. Holy shnikees I just looked a few up, the 2019 Shelby GT Heritage is more expensive then the GT500 WITHOUT the Supercharger Option, $85K with NO Supercharger, that is absolutely INSANE.
  2. Beautiful Car, I have thought about making one of these my next toy, if I didn't live in New England with the crappy weather I would buy one for sure. This one seems to be overpriced but very nice regardless.
  3. So my local dealer is notorious for crazy prices, they have a USED Bullitt for over MSRP when I can get many Brand New ones that are just sitting on lots for $4-5K off. They have tons of Raptors because they kept ADM's on 2018/2019's so long. They fail to recognize when demand slows. Ford seems to be by far the worst at understanding Supply/Demand and when to stop ADM's. Anyway fast forward to this Shelby they have- https://www.saratford.net/new/Ford/2020-Ford-Mustang-agawam-ma-8b2409130a0e0a171983e9bdd065009b.htm?searchDepth=1:468 Maybe I am crazy but I do not see a Supercharger on this?? Regardless of whether it has one or not I am curious who would buy this? I am beyond puzzled on who pays this amount for a Mustang. I am not knocking the car it is beautiful, I am really just curious who would pay this amount of money for a Mustang. Hats off to Shelby if they are actually selling these, and to think I thought the New GT500 was overpriced.
  4. Beautiful car, not something I would buy for anything close to that price, but I am sure they will find 50 people to purchase them. Best of luck!!!!
  5. I have one of those somewhere as well, someone will want that for sure!!!
  6. Congratulations looks fantastic!!!
  7. Agreed GM is a distant 3rd IMO. I thought about the Raptor, but in the end I couldn't pass up the value of the Ram. I picked it up when Ram was doing 25% off, you can tell they really want to take market share. Truck buyers are the most loyal in the industry, time will tell if the incentive advantage they provide pays off. I got a $71K truck (I know it is crazy what these go for these days, but they are incredibly nice) for like $54K. The Raptor was $73K and the most they were taking off was $5500. The Ram drove much better for a Daily and it had significantly more options.
  8. The Jeep is gone, I have a new Ram 1500 Limited as my daily now, by the way it blows away the F-150, absolutely no comparison. Ram is smoking GM/Ford and picking up well deserved market share.
  9. I do not like GM products, the only one I have ever owned is my first car which was a Nova (Given to me), that car was great to me but GM products never did anything for me. That said that car above could possibly be the best American New Car introduction in my lifetime, the car is flipping amazing and the fact the price is very close to the C7 is absolutely insane. Add in the fact they aren't charging ADM's and I am just dumbfounded. GM absolutely knocked it out of the park, they deserve every award they receive. The GT500 is a great car too, but it isn't a New model, it is just the best iteration of the current model.
  10. I agree 100%, I am not a GM guy at all, I have not owned one since my 1970 Nova (Although that thing was bullitproof), but the C8 is Insane. I am a big Porsche Guy and no doubt GM will finally steal P-Car owners.
  11. The new GT500 is amazing, but the Corvette is revolutionary, the numbers it is achieving with that amount of power is insane.
  12. Just want to add I MUCH prefer the black top over the stripes, for what ever reason I am not a fan of the stripes on this car. I can not stand stripes that do not wrap around the ends that might be part of it, the little gap between the sticker and end of the hood looks awful. Orange with black Top looks Fantastic!!!
  13. Nice post!!! I just can’t get over a $80-100K car having that interior, they could’ve at least added stitching on the dash and doors. Also they need to get over black wheels. I thought about selling my Shelby GT/SC to get one, but in the end I’m getting some mods done instead, new stripes, interior, watts link, brakes, etc. As much as I love this car I cant confidently say at this price it would be my car of choice. I’ll enjoy what I have a few more years and see what happens.
  14. Amazing Car, it looks like they nailed everything performance wise and I absolutely LOVE the looks. I still can not get over the fact the Interior is basically the same as a $35K Mustang. The fake plastic Stitching has to go, I can not think of another car at this price point that has an interior this cheap. If you are going to charge $10K for stripes have an option for a FULL leather Interior. People that spend this much want a much nicer interior. Also PLEASE tell me they plan to offer something other then Black Wheels. Other then those 2 small gripes (Interior isn't too small, but I would deal with it) I love this car!!!!
  15. I absolutely love the GT350, if not for this oil issue I would probably have one in my Garage. I instead decided to spice up the Shelby GT/SC with a New Interior, Watts Link, Ford Racing Control Arms, GT500 take off Brembo's, and New Stripes. I do not have the time to deal with a car with issues, hopefully Ford figures this out.
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