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  1. Outstanding Rates in my opinion, I rent cars for work a lot so I typically use free rentals for trips, but if I had a local trip to an area that had these I would pay that for sure.
  2. About $130K overpriced, but who knows someone might think differently.
  3. Love the color combo, I wouldn’t touch these after they are rented, they will absolutely be beat to living hell while rented. That said this is a great way to get Shelby business and continue to push the Name, it’s also a great way to get people to rent before they order their own Shelby GT.
  4. find Me one set that went for close to $10K i sold mine a few years ago, I didn’t get close to even $5K
  5. Cargurus..com is good, but I agree with above, personally if I were looking for a car like that I would find a 1 owner garage queen by an enthusiast. As far as going down in value I do not think the 2020 Mustang will drive the value down because I think the 2020 will be priced so high it will make the 13/14 seem like an incredible value at the current run rate. I do think value will continue to go down, but not because of the 2020 coming out. It is all about supply and demand, if enough people sell to upgrade then you could be dead on, but I do not see it happening. I love the 13/14, but if I were in the market for a Muscle Car I would absolutely get a newer one with the IRS and significantly updated interior/tech. Just my 2 cents.
  6. A few have done this, I am guessing they are going to need more information. Miles, condition, mods (If any), maybe some pictures, etc GLWS
  7. Agreed most of their stuff was garbage, at one point I thought SAI was working with Silverhorse, their stuff is quality!!! That’s where I bought all of my interior Billet items.
  8. Great idea about the steering wheel, I am just glad they finally went to a DCT.
  9. I just rented a Ford Edge that had the gear selector knob, once I got used to it I did not mind it at all. The GT500 has paddle shifters, you only have to turn the knob a few times every time you drive, I do not see what the big deal is. What makes the current automatic gear controller better? They serve the same purpose, they both put the car in drive, reverse, neutral, and park. One turns and the other goes forward and backward. As far as the Manual is concerned I used to be like many of you, when I had my manual 911-S they invited me to the Porsche Driving Event, after driving the PDK on the track my thought process changed immediately, that thing was absolutely amazing. If the DCT in the Mustang is even close some of you may change your thoughts on this subject too. DCT is the best of both worlds, it is a MUCH better Automatic and you can drive it like a manual as well. I love the changes Ford is making, they are finally catching up to the German Car companies!!!
  10. I don’t think brand new ones would go close to $10K, not that long ago you could get brand new or like new for $4-5K with tires.
  11. My pops just got his dream car, pretty cool, maybe after I drive it I’ll finally buy one myself.
  12. I love the 2018, congrats!!! These are really great cars at great values.
  13. I have been debating a new C7 for several years, either a Z06 or Grand Sport. I would’ve bought a C6 427 Vert but I was too afraid of the issues they were having with the engine back then. Back when I bought my Shelby I almost bought a 2004 Z06 Commeritive Edition.
  14. Well stated 👍 Funny I’ve been debating a Vette for many years, might make the plunge in the next year or so, see what happens.
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