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  1. I agree Swede, from a stop I have a very difficult time, I don’t race so it doesn’t bother me, but I could see it bothering some.
  2. I think 4.10 gears would suck for sure, it’s already crazy power with stock gearing (3.55 if I recall), I couldn’t imagine having 4.10’s. I do agree from a dead stop the Whipple can be difficult, but from a roll it’s a beast and that’s more real world unless you drag race. On ramps are awesome, same with downshifting to pass someone.
  3. I would guess around 400-425, the Automatic made a good amount less then the manual if I recall correctly. My Whipple 550 produced 496 RWHP, but Tasca said that was one of highest they had installed, they said the aftermarket drive shaft may have helped slightly. I remember the KB was slightly lower on average then the Whipple and the Paxton lower then that.
  4. Whipple is the best one ☝️ 👍👍😉😉 All of them totally transform the car, good luck!!!
  5. Funny I almost bought the 2004 Z06 Special Edition instead of my Shelby GT, performance per dollar this may be the best used car bargain available today.
  6. I had an ‘88 Coupe, wish I still had it, those cars are built to last. The build quality compared to other cars on the market at the time was significantly better.
  7. Congrats!!!! Very nice car, great deal also in my opinion.
  8. I am not sure there is a Mustang made I would take over that car right there!!! When I was younger I was not a big Mopar fan, but they have grown on me Big Time!! That car is absolutely beautiful.
  9. Thank you Steve!!! It is odd that this claim is coming at 23K miles. They also did my inspection last year, which was only 500 miles ago, and found nothing. But that inspection did not include the timely airbag recall.
  10. Great point Steve, scratch my idea, with the CSM # I’m not sure anyone would buy it. It should go with the car. Mine doesn’t have the CSM #, I don’t know how I didn’t recognize that in the picture.
  11. I’ve heard the airbag covers actually do well on E-Bay, but this website should do well for you too. I’m not sure what they go for, at one point it was $1000 or so. I did the same thing you did, I have an airbag cover signed in my office drawer for the past 8 years or so, the only difference is mine is the darker color that looks somewhat like carbon fiber.
  12. That is exactly the information I was looking for!!! I am so thankful I told them not to do the repair, I knew this forum would be able to steer me in a better direction. I got the car back today, at least I finally got the Airbags completed. It will be stored for the winter and I will deal with this in the spring so I have plenty of time to research above. Thank you BlackSGT for the information!!!!
  13. My guess based on mileage is around $18-20K, not bad for a 11 year old car with 86K miles, depending on the deal you got when you bought it that is over 50% of the value, significantly higher then most cars of similar age and mileage. I agree with Jeff about the Mods, some buyers will actually count that against the value, it is all about finding the right buyer. I would sell the Airbag separately, I do not see you getting more for the car because of it. Good luck with the sale!!!
  14. I am hoping someone can help me out, I brought my car in for its yearly oil change/inspection and I am also finally getting the airbag recalls complete. While doing the inspection they said they noticed the Front Ball Joints were a little loose and they said it would be $1150 to change them because you have to change the ball joints and control arms at the same time. I told them not to do anything and to skip the inspection. Here is my question, does this make sense for a car with 23K miles? Maybe the age of the car has something to do with it? One more question if I am going to replace them is this an opportunity to upgrade? I am not an expert by any means as far as this is concerned. I am debating taking the car to Tasca so I can get this done, I also have a Watts Link that needs to be installed so they could do that as well, Tasca has done everything to my car besides yearly oil changes, I trust them more then my local dealer. Any advice or information you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you!!!
  15. Great offer Steve!!! Very thoughtful of you.
  16. Beautiful car please don’t lower it... Congrats on the purchase, I love the color combo!!
  17. I just scheduled my Airbag recall, they finally have both sides, thanks for the video, it prompted me to make the appointment. Now I can throw out my huge stack of slips I’ve been collecting, they must’ve sent me over 100 recall notices.
  18. Such a nice car, it was at Sarat Ford for a long time. If I remember correctly they lowered the price a decent amount on this sale.
  19. Good advice, I have a signed airbag cover I never put on the car, I might put it on at some point, I would ask them to do it while they do the recall but they would probably Jack it up. Every time I bring my car for it’s yearly service they all compliment and stare at my car, most times they treat it accordingly, but a few times I got it back with oil fingerprints on the door handle and stuff like that ???
  20. Couldn’t agree more, I still have to schedule my airbag recall, I’m worried about rattling after they take the dashboard off, that type of stuff drives me insane.
  21. I thought about buying a Raptor, but the issues they are having is scaring me away. I understand it’s probably a small percentage of owners that have the significant issues, but I travel a lot for work and I can’t take the chance of being one of them.
  22. They were discounted at Costco a few weeks ago, not sure if that’s still the case.
  23. I’m not the one that started the 4 door mustang subject, I simply added my 2 cents. And the Title of this post references a C8 Corvette, not a Mustang or a Demon or a 4 door Mustang, the entire thread has gone on and off subject, feel free to clean it up if you’re a Moderator. By the way I’m not your “Homie”. Do you even own a Shelby?
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