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  1. Local Dealer wants $15K ADM, LMAO!!!

    Looks like the ADM on this car is now GONE!!!!
  2. Unreal they are having a very difficult time selling these period, my local dealer actually put a $15K ADM on one they bought in. Obviously they do not follow the market. I love their service department, but will never buy a car from them, they had an ADM on a Focus RS for well over a year before they finally dropped it to MSRP. I wonder if dealers understand how many people like myself this turns off, I would not buy any car from them due to this practice. Nice looking car though- http://www.saratford.net/new/Ford/2017-Ford-Mustang-Agawam,+MA-f4a4cc940a0e0adf4d75c021e8f9d637.htm?searchDepth=2:462
  3. Great point about 2006 being the first year back, it is easy to forget how much excitement and demand this drove, I gave up on the GT500 due to the ADM's, I was set on a Roush until I ran into a Shelby GT while test driving the Roush. Also do not forget there was NO Camaro or Challenger so if you wanted a Muscle Car you had one choice, thankfully you have multiple choices now. Competition drives prices down and/or value up, that is a great thing for all of us.
  4. 2016 Shelby GT H

    Not rented would be worth a premium to me for sure, that looks brand New!!! Congrats!!! That looks amazing!!!
  5. Exactly what premium? They aren’t selling, there is no demand at current prices. That means folks would rather have a brand new loaded GT and pick their options and colors. I thought they would sell under $50K, but they brought this on themselves, starting at $150K pushed off the little demand these cars did have and obviously it pushed many off for good. Patience should bring under $40K prices, even then resale will take a hit, it’s now a 2 year old “Rental”. Great looking car, but value will continue to go down the longer they wait, now the new GT has a much better transmission, it has better tech, soon they will announce a GT500 or something comparable. I do think long term they will hold value, that’s a plus for buyers.
  6. 10-year's of SGT ownership

    This post inspired me to go back and look at my original purchase, it was December 27, 2007. My patience helped, although it was marked with an ADM I was able to get X-Plan and 0% for 60 months (At the time interest rates were much higher and the 0% was a much better deal then the Cash back offer). It had 23 miles on it. Mine was completed on 9/28/07 so I am assuming it was one of the last ones. It never had the original Grill behind the "Shelby GT" grill like most I have seen so I am assuming as time went on they fixed some mistakes. No Scoop issues either at this point.
  7. 2013 GT500 Christmas present

    Very nice!! Congrats!! Love the hood, but would like it much more so with stripes. The big bulge I think looks better with stripes. Enjoy it!!!
  8. There ought to be a law

    Wow, I hope no one falls for this. love the picture with his fingers in it, or how about the one of the door panel filled with used tissues, disgusting.
  9. 10-year's of SGT ownership

    Agreed I am a huge fan of the 60’s mustangs, but from 1971 until now looks wise I think from the factory the Shelby GT is at the top. I get tired of cars, turn them every 2 years or so, this is the longest I’ve ever owned a car by far. Funny sometimes I think about all the money I have into it, reality is if I turned it every 2-3 years I would’ve lost a ton more on depreciation of other cars so all those mods actually saved me money 💵. Lol 😂
  10. I am going to guess no, I doubt they all will be, last I checked they still have Terlingua's available and that was limited to 50. They did sell a bunch to dealers so that probably helped, but I still do not think they will sell all 500. Great car, just crazy competition when you get that expensive.
  11. Agreed no issues for me so far, just have to get used to it, they will work out the bugs.
  12. Just got my Package, it is another successful year!!! Hertz folks will love it even more, I like the change in colors, it looks great!!!
  13. Glad we're back up

    Good to be back up and running!!!!!! And I received my Annual Membership Package today too!!!!
  14. You are always so helpful, an Asset to the SAI Team!!!! Thank you Steve
  15. Thank you for sharing Steven, looks like another awesome Kit!!!!!
  16. They sent me an e-mail when it was time to renew, they never did that years ago. They also sent a kind e-mail letting me know that the yearly kit was delayed, but would be put together soon after a few items arrive. This is the great news, by far the most communication I have received since I have been a Member here. I do not care how long it takes honestly, but the communication is appreciated.
  17. Local Dealer wants $15K ADM, LMAO!!!

    I remember that, that ended up being a great price, every month it sat it costs them money. I remember seeing that car when I got service done 2 years in a row. If I recall it was still $39K when you bought it, they never even lowered the price prior.
  18. Local Dealer wants $15K ADM, LMAO!!!

    After the $2500 rebate, actually $120K
  19. Local Dealer wants $15K ADM, LMAO!!!

    I noticed that, I think they learned, they had 2 GT350's that sat for a long time with an ADM. Their service department is really good though.
  20. My thought was if originally priced under $50K, like most are today, they would've sold quickly back then. But now they have driven people away, no different then ADM's on cars, people move on and never look back. This is all speculative, but what is clear is they tried cashing in and it has backfired. Every month these cars sit costs them money.
  21. A quick search on Autotrader brought up 47 of them, most of them from Hertz dealers. With only 171 (Actually 156 because yours should not count, the Manuals with SC are IMO a whole different Car) made to me that equals that they are not selling. 156 made, if priced right, should be gone in hours. I understand some may be double listings, but I am sure some aren't listed on Autotrader as well. Some, from what I have read, haven't even been released to be for sale yet.
  22. I get that, my point is the longer they wait to price the Hertz cars correctly the less desirable they will be and the more outdated they will become. I bet if they were priced at $50K to begin with they would all be gone, but the initial $150K prices drove folks interested to look at other options. Just my 2 cents
  23. I think it is hilarious, now the 2018 Regular GT Automatic blows it away performance wise so you can get a Brand New Car that Performs Better in every way, pick the color you want as well as options, and Save $$$. No brainer. These should be low $40K at this point, shouldve started at $50K, not $150K.
  24. Pretty cool thread revived, I wonder what Roger is up too these days??? Im sure Ill miss a few- 1971 Nova 1987 Escort GT 1991 Escort 1992 Miata 1992 Saab 9000 Turbo 1988 Porsche 911 Coupe 1998 M3 Cabrio 2003 VW GTI 20th Anniversary 2005 Wrangler Rubicon 2007 Jetta GLI 2005 Audi A4 2006 Expedition Eddie Bauer 2008 Honda Accord 2009 VW CC 2007 Shelby GT 1992 Miata again 2010 Honda Odyssey 2011 Audi TT 2010 Porsche 911 Coupe 2012 Ram 1500 Sport 2014 Honda Odyssey 2015 Audi Q7 TDI 2016 AEV Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2005 Honda S2000 I dont know if all the years are exact, but they are close. What do I own today? 2007 Shelby GT/SC (Toy) 2005 S2000 (Toy) 2016 Wrangler 2014 Odyssey (Soon to be traded for an SUV, looking hard at New Expedition) One I let go was the 2013 Viper GTS, these were deeply discounted and I couldve stole one and lost zero resale value.