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  1. There would need to be another vote button for me. Not great (although better looking than I thought), but certainly not fugly (though I likely won't be buying one unless the Shelby version looks significantly better).
  2. My feeling are about similar to yours. Not an ugly car at alll, contrary to what I initially anticipated due to some early renderings, but sort of bland, with few Mustang cues other than the rear. You can see influence from the 370Z, Accord Coupe and Fusion (front design). Ford is in the business to sell cars and I hope they sell lots of them to the 20 to 40 year old market that they seem to try to win over with this new design. I'm in my late 40s and grew up as a kid being a fan of the first gen car, which I felt had a timeless design. My dad owned a '70 Mach1 and to this day, the 69-70 Mustang is still one of my favorite car designs. The Fox body Mustang never appealed to me from a design standpoint, as it did not share any Mustang styling cues. The SN95 was better, but still not a car that fully appealed to me (not enough to make me buy one). The S197 finally did it and I bought a couple of Shelbys since. I command Porsche for the job they have been able to do with the 911, a car just as old as the Mustang, but has always stayed true to its heritage, Even though its styling, technology and size evolved over time, it is still instantly recognizable as a 911, and Porsche seemed to have no problem renewing their customer base over time, even with such an "old" desing. This is proof that it can be done and that you don't necessarily need to radically alter design to maintain sales, especially when a car has such a rich history. http://blog.caranddriver.com/porsche-911-generations-the-legend-grows/
  3. I think the rear looks fine. From the side, the car looks quite generic. I don't care for the front end which could be any current Ford product. They should have kept the Mustang distinct form the rest of Ford's lineup. Overal, not as bad as I thought it would look, but I still prefer the S197 and won't trade my KR for one of those anytime soon.
  4. That's not the first time I see a scam like that. It's easy to take pictures on the internet and use them for a phony ad.This actually occured with the KR that I bought. I saw it first for sale on Ebay from the real owner, where some of the pictures showed the car with a Quebec licence plate. About two weeks later (after the Ebay auction had ended with no one meeting the reserve),I saw some of the same pictures on Autotrader.ca (but none of those where the licence plate appeared), with an ad stating that the car was located in Alberta and for sale for $10,000, I contacted the real seller through Ebay to inform him of the situation, and also inquirerd about his KR at the same time. That got the ball rolling and I ultimately ended up buying the car..
  5. Not my cup of tea, but I guess everyone is entitled to do what they want with their own car. I doubt that these mods will help resale value though...
  6. Fender stripes look great. You should keep them.
  7. Here is an ad that I found on the internet for a KR (CSM 09KR0613) being sold in Ontario. The car seems legit. However, it has no side stripes or over the top stripes. As far as I know, there was no "stripe delete" option on the KR, contrary to regular GT500s, although I may be wrong on this. Out of curiosity, does anybody know about the history of that particular car. Has it been in an accident and repainted, or has the owner simply decided to remove the stripes, which I would find a bit odd... http://wwwa.autohebdo.net/a/Ford/Mustang/MISSISSAUGA/Ontario/5_18076623_/
  8. I like the look of the new Viper. I wouldn't trade my KR for one, althought having the opportunity to have both would be great. Regarding the KR wheels, I also don't like the fact that these were made available at large after SAI told us repeatedly that these were exclusive parts, that proof of ownership was needed to order a spare set, etc. Having said that, congrats to those who bought a set. Nothing wrong in purchasing them once they were offered for sale as far as I'm concerned. I probably would have done so myself if these would have been available at that price a few years back, while I had a GT500 instead of a KR.
  9. +1 I also tried to get one and was denied. I filled in the form on their website with my VIN and at first,everything seemed fine and it looked like my request would be processed. The next day, I received an email from a guy at Ford stating that my VIN corresponded to a GT500KR and that Ford did not offer certificates for the KR due to the fact that they were completed at SAI. I then asked him who was issuing the certificates that I saw on the internet if Ford didn't, and attached a picture of one to my message. Nothing but silence from the Ford guy after that... Bad PR move from Ford IMHO..
  10. Very nice looking wheels. Thanks for sharing.
  11. The first one was in 2007. At the time, Team Shelby was known as Stangsunleashed. If I remember correctly, the number of participants was limited to 50 (25 members plus their guest). We toured both the Flat Rock and the Romeo plants, and had a visit and diner at the Henry Ford Estate. We also had a car show at the Ford Headquarters, this one under sunny skies.
  12. The indoor car show in 2008 was indeed a great experience. I have great memories of the first three Deaborn events. I met some great people and had a lot of fun at those event. I'd like to make it four in a row, but unfortunately, this was announced a bit too late for me, with other plans already in place. I'm sure that those who register won't be disappointed. Sharon and Robert always do a fantastic job with those events.
  13. Congrats on paying off your KR! I agree with most posters here. Being debt free is a great advantage as it give you both flexibility and peace of mind. I've tried to be disciplined with my money since my first job, pay off my mortgage and my car loans as quick as I can, and save as much as I can in my RRSP (Canadian equivalent of a 401(k)). Now, I'm mortgage free and can now contemplate retirement at around age 55 (still 7 years left...) if I chose to do so. This will give me more time to drive the KR and enjoy life!
  14. Congrats on your new purchase. You will love the KR! This car is a blast to drive. As far as our big debate is concerned, I definitely think that you should drive the car and enjoy it!
  15. These images were in local news in Quebec earlier this week. This happened in Sherbrooke Quebec on Sunday. In the news report, they mentionned that the owner was the one driving the vehicle during the dyno pull. Here is a link to the news report (in French), plus another video which shows the explosion from another angle. Fortunately, nobody was standing directly behind the dyno. http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/montopo/video/archives/2013/05/20130526-104818.html
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