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  1. Ok everyone lights out I have to work tomorrow
  2. Hi Evan Everything is good I've been enjoying my new Grandson
  3. I'm guessing between 12-15 inches but I don't think it's over yet
  4. My Christmas gift arrived 1 day early (actually 2 weeks early) :happy feet: My Grandson Landon James decided to meet his Memere on this Christmas Eve morning :happy feet: and he is a very precious healthy 5 pounds 12 ounces and both Mom & Dad (my Son Bryan ) are doing well. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  5. Just 3 more weeks to go My grandson is in position ready to meet his Sexystang Memere :happy feet:
  6. We'll still miss ya Bob But the weather is not looking so great for Saturday and today felt like 103
  7. Thanks guys I want to be called "Memere" that's the French version for Grandma and it doesn't sound as old either
  8. Thanks Keith I've heard being a grandparent is a wonderful thing especially after babysitting the kids go home...... :happy feet:
  9. Oops first time posting from my phone but I made my point perfectly clear
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