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  1. Here is anothere theory, since I've been denied repair because it has to be catastrophic. The reason why the grind may happen more when everything is cold is because the tires are spinning. When the tires are hot and grabbing more they don't spin as easily. When the tires are spinning, the clutch goes down, wheels lose momentum quickly while trying to grab second. I don't think the syncros are up to the task of getting the gears lined up. At least, this is what I've been experiencing. I took as far as getting every thing warmed up and then doing a WOT 1-2 on some extra smooth pavement and the grind happened. With good grip, the grind isn't near as bad. You would think the TC could/would stop this but, there is just too much rotating mass and the inertia is what is being fought. And, with the 2013's, it could be even mor prevalent with even more snap in the drive line to get things spinning. Just a theory an my 2 cents worth...
  2. First post and you are saying there may not be anything wrong with the GT500 1-2 shift, reading between the lines. You don't want to get me started!!!!!!
  3. The article doesn't specify the brand of the tranny. However, it calls out China a one maker, the tranny in the GT500 is Tremec which is made in Mexico. And, the GT500 tranny does not have the 2-3 lock out at low operations. I don't know about the 5.0, though. Personnaly, I wouldn't buy a muscle cay with a lock out system described in the article.
  4. Interesting, the boost on the fox body has to have some serious lag with all the pipe that has to be compressed. Also, I used to have a '90 GT and I don't remember my motor looking like that, is it stock? However, that was about 14 years ago and my mind is probably long gone....
  5. How do you figure this? Starting with '11, Spray Bore is already used, there is no steel sleve. The possibility would exist by stroking a bit or boring the AL block and then applying the Spray Bore. Stroking, I understand, would be prohibitive because of pistion speed so that would be a no go. There is enough aftermarket testing done with current owners to show the existing plant can easily handle additional power. And, if Ford would put slightly higher quality internals, the possibilities would be extreme and the upgraded internals really shouldn't cost more more than a few percentage points more than what is used now. Just look at what the SS is doing without building the lower end...
  6. BDrool

    Spare Tire?

    Consider looking at the 5.0's with the Brembo package. The wheels have to claear but they are, i believe, 9" wide and there may be more chices...
  7. Here in UT, cyclists have received fines for riding behavior. The law requires them to be almost the same as autos. However, it is difficult to enforce....
  8. Pulled my Air Raid and this is what it looked like after about 4k miles. You can't really see how dirty it is with out removing it. The intake is very clean, wiped inside and no residue, especially on the MAF. Sprayed the MAF, anyway, with CRC MAF air sensor cleaner. Will reinstall when the air filter is dry and re oiled.
  9. Had mine ever since the paper went bad. I haven't cleaned it yet but I am planning on it soon....probably about 3.5K on it. BTW, I also clean the sensor with CRC brand cleaner every time I take the filter off.
  10. I prefer the wide stripe myself however, NON-SVT = V6 or 5.0 Mustang or am I missing something here? Because, all current GT500's ,07-12, are SVT. Oh I see, you probably meant the version of the GT500 that doesn't come with the optional performance pack.
  11. Sucks!!! Something to DEMAND for the repairs, ensure you get a REAL Ford Mustang winshield. 2nd party won't install OEM Ford because of cost however, that is the only Pony on the car, center top of windshield.
  12. Just got home from talking to the service advisor am my preferred dealership. This is what he said, Ford is aware of the 2nd gear complaints and the Ford engineers are working to fix. This came from an e-mail he received more than 60 days ago, he couldn't produce it because the system keeps e-mail for only 60 days and then deletes them. Anyway, he told me a fix MAY be out later this year. He also informed me that he has a friend with a '11, mines a '10, that was purchased this last winter. The same issue exists for him as well. Reading between the line with our conversation, they, the dealership, don't want to fix it unless it is catastrophic. So, until I loose 2nd all together, it seems I'll have to deal with it until Ford comes out of the closet and really lets us know what is going on. On a side note, there is a beautiful SVTPP on their showroom floor,. stripe delete with Recaros. Interesting color scheme when compared to mine, they are almost exact opposites. Where mine is black/black, even the engine is black with the black S/C. The Silver engine looks good with the silver S/C. This would be my choice since the engines on both match the outside of the cars. My only exception is the blue valve covers. I would consider changing them out with the black ones, sore thumb comes to mind. Otherwise, Gorgeous....
  13. Just FYI, GT500 powertrain warranty is 5/60,000...Same on all Mustangs and most Ford vehicles.
  14. I just use a micro fiber cloth to wipe after rinsing. Waxing doesn't stop the dust from sticking, from my experience. When my pads are done, I'll be using something that won't create so much dust, i.e. ceramic.
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