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  1. When Quantum closed down there was an inventory that was sold as part of the bankruptcy. There should be a thread somewhere on this as it was a reasonably hot topic. I think one of our members tried to buy the inventory and was unsuccessful. Whoever bought it tried listing items on Ebay and I think Amy put the kibosh on proprietary items pretty quick with a cease and desist order. I don't agree that they don't have a value. I think they do as they are an important part of Shelby History. Anything numbered from Shelby and not issued will be worth something in my opinion.
  2. It was a great time and nobody had the passion for Team Shelby like Amy!
  3. Happy Birthday party of 15. John, how many of us are left? Eight years today. What a trip!
  4. Ladies and Gents, Just finished our 7 week road trip (Route 66 and PCH from San Diego to Canada. Back to back! Total trip 8,650 miles) so I am going to weigh back in. This retirement thing is a bitch. Went to Amy's bar in North Hollywood. Tonga Hut, the oldest Tiki bar in CA. It was great. For those that want to see how a great neighborhood bar from the 50's is suppose to be, this is the ticket. I can't speak for anyone but Don, so these are my thoughts on what was originally posted and a further explanation of my response to those posts. I took exception to the tone of the posts implying that this car had not been taken care of and trashed because of the high mileage. I wanted to add personal knowledge of the car to the thread. I had just ridden in this car not 30 days before it was sold. This car could compete in the modified class (which is what all 40th's compete in regardless of stickers or add on parts) in any Mustang show and most likely beat whatever else was in that class including other 40th's, even the garage queens. It certainly would be in the money, and it was several times at national events. Relaying Mr. Shelby's heartfelt comments was simply my way to illustrate that these cars are not financial investments and anybody that believes that is foolish and will miss out on the real thrill of owning one, i.e., driving them at high speeds and on the track. Now, I admit, I did take a poke at the end, because I don't know if the definition of thrill is looking at a cars in the garage, which is what I gathered from the direction of the thread. Pride, yes, thrill, well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This car is a thoroughbred. It participated in the only official Bull Run sponsored by SAI (folks, the Bull Run organization put this together for Shelby. It was the real deal and there will never ever be another one), spent hours on the track at Mid America, and was driven to top speeds of over 170 mph on several occasions and I objected to it being discussed like a plow horse. I just wanted to give the car and its original owner the dignity they deserve. Regarding the comments in the follow up posts concerning Mr. Shelby giving bad advice to Shelby owners by telling them to drive their cars and make memories in the process versus leaving them in the garage to perhaps appreciate in financial value at some point in the future and his motivation for doing so for financial gain is more objectionable to me than the original posts. Those of us that had the pleasure and opportunity to meet and spend time with Mr. Shelby recognize how misguided this understanding of his relationship to Shelby car owners actually was. Perhaps the most authoritative person on Mr. Shelby is Austin Craig. I would love to see his reaction to these comments. LOL! The good news is there is plenty of room in the Shelby camp for garage queens and speed demons. There is nothing better than seeing a 30 year old car that is pristine with only 12 miles on it unless of course the first 10 miles were driven at 170 miles per hour. I suspect that that owner will have a much, much bigger smile when they tell you "its only got 12 miles on it". I could be wrong, it won't be the first time and certainly not the last. Now those of us that have a few battle scars, a little road rash on the wheels, and perhaps a few add on's, wear these stripes with great pride even knowing that it may affect the value of the car if we ever have to sell. But it's a pretty big smile when you get to tell the new owner that "its only got 60,000 miles on it, but 30,000 were on the track at 170 mph!) Hell, I remember picking up the air splitter on the highway that blew off the first GT350 that Shelby produced. Now, that's a memory! The owner will never forget it. We won't let him. I can only imagine the look on Patterson's face when he says, "Now lets go and have some damn fun" when I respond, "I'm having fun Gary, I'm looking at my car in the garage and it doesn't get any better than that" (It's a joke, just kidding) Ok Don, now back to the attic you troublemaker. .
  5. Gents, I know this car and I know the owner. It was driven to 4 bashes from Ohio, driven to Terlingua a couple times, and several national Ford and mustang shows. It was tracked for over 5,000 miles. Carroll Shelby personally delivered my car to me along with 14 others. He lectured all of us that day that the value of our cars would not be what they would be sold for in 30 years, but the value of our cars would be the memories that you make driving them today. I am thrilled to have been part of the memories of this car and this owner. The owner was thrilled to have owned it. I hope you guys can say the same.
  6. Gerry and John. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
  7. Anyone headed to Tulsa with their 40Th. I'm sure Sheri, Mike and I will be there. Two other 40Th owners will be there with Terlinguas. Looking forward to the event. One of the best.
  8. And you have become one of the children in the attic.
  9. Thanks Bob. Planning on being there next year. Look forward to seeing you.
  10. Is it a Hell Cat? Pretty nice on the dark side with one of those.
  11. And this with the 40th at Mid America 2015! Yea Team!
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